How to Set up Android Smartphone for Kids to Save from Adult Media

Today’s children know well how to use smartphones. Smartphones are one of the channels that children can be used for knowledge. Some parents want their children to have a phone so they can call or be reached at any time. At the same time it is a gate that can open the dark side for children. For kids, you could consider getting a simple “feature phone” rather than a smartphone. If not, then it is too necessary to avoid them such as adult media.Family Link App

Use the Family Link Service:

Family Link is a Google app that helps parents set up the basic rules for using certain digital media on their smartphone. You can also check the usage of children.Family Link

APP installation: When a child downloads an app, we can choose whether or not to allow it. If considered inappropriate, it can be prohibited.

Set up a daily usage schedule: Do not overload the smartphone. This sets the time available.

Sleep Time: Approximate Time The smartphone will stop working.

App usage monitoring: Reports the length of time each app is running per week. It can pause the app if the app is found too much.

Child filters are available: Apps, games, and movies that children can download and search on Chrome will automatically filter out outdated values.[adsense]Use the Family Link Service

Things must have:

  • Android device for children Available both smartphone and tablet.
  • Google Account for Kids Managed by Family Link.
  • Device (Android or iPhone) for parents to control their smartphone.
  • Google Account of the parent.

The app can be downloaded at the button below. Family Link apps are only available to children under 13 years of age.
Google Play

App Store

For more information on using Family Link, Visit