How Do I Pick The Best Fantasy Kabaddi Team?

Kabaddi is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in India. Over the last 8 years, there has been a significant increase in the number of followers of the sport, thanks to Pro Kabaddi League. The PKL is solely responsible for the rising popularity of Kabaddi in India over the last few years. Kabaddi is probably the third most followed sport after Cricket and Football in India. People in India found a new enthusiasm in the sport of Kabaddi and they have passionately followed the sport over the last few years.

Due to the rising popularity and growth of Kabaddi in recent years, many fantasy gaming platforms came up with Fantasy Kabaddi. Fantasy Kabaddi is a platform where users and followers of the sport create their own team and win exciting cash rewards. This is also a big opportunity for the Kabaddi lovers to showcase their talent and skills on the fantasy gaming platforms and defeat your opponents. During the PKL season, users get into the fantasy kabaddi app and start creating their own team for every match of the day.

However, oftentimes people are uncertain about how to pick the team in Fantasy Kabaddi. Those who are new to Fantasy Kabaddi will have difficulty choosing the right combination of the players in the team. At the initial stage of your Fantasy Kabaddi, people will find a little bit of confusion and struggle to pick the players in the team. Once they play fantasy kabaddi regularly, then it will be easier for them to pick the players.

Here’s How You Have to Pick the Best Fantasy Kabaddi Team 

1. Selection of Raiders

When you pick players in your kabaddi fantasy team, each and every player must significantly contribute to the overall structure of the team and help you win the maximum number of points to win the contest. Raiders are undoubtedly core members of your team as they can rack up a maximum number of raid points, which will reflect on your fantasy kabaddi points. You need to select those 2-3 raiders in your team who can help you fetch enough attacking or raid points. Importantly, when you select a raider, make sure you do a background check about his form as it would give an idea how the player is going to perform. Moreover, make sure you pick your raider as a captain or vice-captain.

2. Defenders Are Backbone 

Defenders are the key players in the team. The main aim of a defender is to protect the mat so that no raider from an opponent can win a point. A defender is strong and agile and can hold on to his teammates. You need to pick a maximum of four defenders in your team who can help you earn enough tackle points. The x-factor of defenders is that they can pick up crucial points if the raiders fail to do so. The option of picking more or less defenders will rely on the strength of the attacking line-up. If your attacking line-up is weak or fragile then you need to take more defenders to your team. Select at least two defenders who have a good attacking record.


3. All-rounders Are Advantage 

An all-rounder plays a crucial role in the attack as well as defence. Having an all-rounder in your fantasy kabaddi team is an added advantage as it will help your extra points. He is the most active player. At one point, he has to raid for the team to win a raid point and in the next month, he has to position himself in the defense. Being an all-rounder is not an easy task in Kabaddi. You need to pick at least two all-rounders in your Fantasy Kabaddi team. Having two all-rounders will give you a big boost to your points. However, an all-rounder who has a good attacking record will help you fetch more points.

Every Fantasy Kabaddi player needs to be crucial while picking their players in the team. It could be an arduous take of picking a team of seven players, but at the same time it would be fun. You need to make a perfect combination of players that will help your score more points than your opponents. In your Fantasy Kabaddi Team, there should be raiders, defenders and all-rounders who can help you win the points. Most importantly, pick your captain and vice-captain in your team that will give extra or bonus points.