Know Everything About the Crypto Tax Calculators

Is it necessary to pay taxes on cryptocurrency?

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies were meant to be decentralized and free of government scrutiny, Uncle Sam expects his fair share when it comes to taxes. This implies you may owe taxes if the value of your coins has increased, whether you’re using them as an investment or as currency.

Use our crypto tax calculator to see how much tax you might owe on cryptocurrency you sold, spent, or swapped. The calculations are based on the tax code as of February 2022. These rates may change at any time.

What Is the Taxation of Cryptocurrency?

In general, the IRS treats cryptocurrencies as property and investment, rather than currency. This means that all transactions, from selling coins to using cryptocurrency to make purchases, are taxed in the same way as regular capital gains and losses.

As a result, long-term cryptocurrency investors have a valuable opportunity: if they keep their coins for at least a year, they can profit from lower long-term capital gains taxes, which range from 0% to 20% depending on your income level. Short-term cryptocurrency profits on purchases held for less than a year are taxed at the same rates as other income: Depending on your federal income tax band, the rate will range from 10% to 37% in 2022.

What Is a Bitcoin Tax Calculator?

A crypto tax tool is a piece of software that allows you to calculate your cryptocurrency gains, losses, income, and tax responsibilities. The calculations produced are based on your investing behavior, data, and information, which crypto tax calculators obtain from your exchanges, wallets, and other crypto platforms.

To make filing taxes easier, crypto tax calculators compute your earnings and losses in your home fiat currency. Crypto tax calculators, unlike crypto profit calculators, do more than only track your profits. It can help you optimize your portfolio all year long in addition to streamlining the tax reporting procedure. 

Why Should You Use a Crypto Tax Calculator?

Cryptocurrencies are an asset for most governments throughout the world. You must document and record every transaction, as well as any income generated by crypto investments, just as you would any other asset. However, crypto exchanges cannot prepare your tax records for you, and keeping track of all your trades and activities can be time-consuming. This is why many investors forget to file their cryptocurrency tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is serious about penalizing crypto holders who dodge taxes, whether they do so on purpose or not. Failure to file your taxes may result in penalties, audits, and even jail time.

Crypto tax software solutions help to ease the process by accessing data from all of your cryptocurrency platforms, auto-generating tax reports, and ensuring complete compliance with local tax rules.

Binocs is a platform which manages your crypto exchange tax and portfolio at the same time making it easy to take care and keep knowledge of your investments. Aside from making crypto taxes easier to understand for customers, they also automate and improve the accounting process and ensure that you adhere to India’s tax legislation.