Get Empty Space in Your Hard Disk by Using Default Option of Windows 10

It is a minor thing to fill out the fastest storage of hard disk using computers. Because we are downloading multiple files, when we are using computers all day. The programs we are using are also making temporary files in Windows, programs and windows updates are also downloading. There are so many factors that are putting their own part in filling the hard disk. If you are worried about filling the Storage in Windows 10, you can get multiple GB empty spaces automatically.

1- For this, open the windows settings and type, the storage and open the storage settings.

2- Here you see, a new feature is available by the name of Storage Sense. This feature can automatically create blank space before filling the space by placing untrue files.

3- And if you want to clean any drive like C drive. Then select it. The next section will be shown to you, where the space is being used.[adsense]

4- Now here, if any spoiled things like, games or temporary files are surrounded by space. So select them and come to the next section, removed all these files and get several GB free space.