5 Best Ways to Buy Your Favorite Products in Pakistan From Amazon, eBay and Walmart

The Amazon, eBay and Walmart are currently the world’s largest online stores, where unlimited products are available for online purchases. Mostly things are often not available for shipping in Pakistan. A large population of our country is still living offline. The number of people who have come online is far from online shopping because they often do not trust it and other people do not have any source to pay online.  Pakistani online stores allow cash on delivery.But for purchasing international stores it is necessary to pay the money first.  Worldwide products when you search online with the intent to buy, the Amazon, eBay and Walmart name is definitely available. But the problem is presented when you find that the money does not send your favorite things in Pakistan.

Under mentioned five websites will help you to buy your favorite products from worldwide stores.

1- Nazdeeq.com:

There are many solutions, through which Amazon Store products can be delivered to Pakistan. But there is no complication in them. But the recently introduced service “nazdeeq.com” has solved the problem with a very lucrative problem. Through this web site, you can not only search for products directly on Amazon. Rather, you can buy real estate. If you have no online payment system, do not worry too much. What you order, a representative will contact you, after confirming that you will receive the amount from which you want to pay. Then that item on the item will be received at home in a few days. For more detail visit:www.nazdeeq.com

2- Pkship.com:

We delivery from almost all online stores of USA. If anything is not available at PkShip store, you can email product URL of that product at info@PkShip.com or share it on its Facebook page: facebook.com/PkShipStore , they will send you its quotation. The first method is buying directly from USA on-line store and use PkShip to deliver to your doorstep in Pakistan. In the second method, If you don’t have a credit card, PkShip can buy it for you. In the quotation we will send you the total cost of the product, including the cost of the item and shipment and delivery charges etc. For more detail visit: www.pkship.com

3- Shopandship.com:

Pkship.com deliver shopping from around the world to your doorstep and currently available in over 80 destinations globally.
They are an international shipping service that allows you to shop from Canada, China, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, UK, and USA. For more detail visit: www.shopandship.com[adsense]

4- Myus.com:

Myus.com is also trusted website to provide a simple, reliable way to shop US online stores and ship their purchases worldwide. They deliver a very effective shipping process and complete online shipping to over in 220 countries. Like Saudi Arabia, France, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Spain, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany and Switzerland etc. For more detail visit: www.myus.com

5- Yayvo.com:

Yayvo.com has a complete process for placing International orders from Amazon.com. Here is the link for Amazon International Orders : yayvo.com/international_request_form . After filling this information in this above form , you’ll receive an email from TCS E-commerce in 7 to 10 working days, the email will be a Quotation email, In which product price + Shipping charges + All customs clearance and Taxation charges will be included. If you agree with us on those terms and conditions you can reply us , so from there we’ll go ahead and will place your order on Amazon.com. Product Cost and all charges will be collected first. For more detail visit: www.yayvo.com