How to Save Your Medicine Bills Upto 50% is a well known Indian website in the medical field, provide the best expertise in health care and quality treatment with latest techniques. They help in recovery from varied clinical conditions and definitely going to save you money. They provide a wide range of prescription medicines and other healthcare products available online, all medicines are prescribed (by doctors) by brand name & not by the generics (Ingredients).

Follow these few steps to know more & start saving on your medical bills.

1- Simply open

2- Goto medicines section (Medicines and Doctors online).

3- Search the medicine name.

4- Type the medicine name which you are using (e. g. Lyrica 75mg (Pfizer company).

5- It will show you medicine company, prices and Ingredients.

6- Now main point CLICK ON ‘SUBSTITUTE'[adsense]

You can see that same drug is available at very low cost also. That to by other reputed manufacturer. e. g. Lyrica by pfizer is for Rs. 768.56 for 14 tabs (54.89 per tab). Whereas same drug by Cipla (Prebaxe) is available ONLY @ Rs. 59.00 for 10 tabs (5.9 per tab)

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