Freeware Tree Size, A Powerful And Flexible Hard Disk Space Manager For Windows

Probably everyone who uses your computer not only to surf the Internet, received a message from the system that disk space is critically low. So bad, when we have, roughly speaking, everything is thought out, and we know what and where is, but if the folders are “dumped” in the bunch will not be easy to understand. Then you must remove the old watched movies, unnecessary archival photos, or if they have a copy on the removable external hard drive. But what to do when the place comes to an end, and we are unable to determine which folders take up the most space. After checking the size of each of them separately, it is a nightmare, especially if we have to drive them hundreds or thousands.Freeware Tree Size

Someone who has the time and desire to check each folder individually, especially if they are invested in the “Explorer Windows” created quite a tree. There is a solution the app TreeSize, which for us is to check the size of each directory. After some time, depending on how big and fast we have a hard disk, the program will display a list of folders that take up the most space. Thus, if there is no free space on the “Winchester”, we will be able to remove the most voluminous folders and again enjoy the “mountain” of free gigabytes. The result of the program could look like in the attached figure. Enjoy using.[adsense]Freeware Tree Size (2)

Note: TreeSize Professional requires version 4.0 of the .NET Framework to work properly, please make sure that the current .NET version is installed. During its installation TreeSize Professional checks the available .NET version. If necessary, TreeSize will update the framework automatically. You can download it for free from the manufacturer’s website an installer or compressed archive.