Download Free PC Transfer Software For All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Since changing the computer’s biggest problem is to move the old data to the new PC. Also need to be re-installed on new PCs for all programs. Otherwise, it may be that move from one operating system to another is to do the same thing for example, if you are migrating from Windows XP to Windows Seven. The third point is that you can move data from one computer to another. A case may also be that you are going to visit the 64-bit to 32-bit operating system. Inthis situation Todo PCTrans can perform amicably.Download Free PC Transfer Software

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a PC migration software for almost all Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight and Ten. It is very easy and can protect all documents, files, folders, photos, music and all the programs installed on a Windows PC to another Windows PC with their all settings. He moved through the programs do not need to reinstall. In addition, this process does not delete anything from the old PC, they are in their original file. In order to use it subject to the condition that the two computers are on the same LAN network.

How it works?[adsense]

1-First of all, on both computers, install EaseUS Todo PCTrans.
2-Run the app both computer programs and select what to transfer the data to a PC.
3-Select what data can be transferred, such as what programs, music, photos, work, etc. After that you can start a transfer.
4-After completing all work together on the old computer to the new computer will be presentDownload Free PC Transfer Software (2)

So if the only data to be transferred from one computer to another is no problem with the free version, but obviously it’s amazing that, when installed programs are moving to the other computer with full settings. The free version allows you to simply move the two selected applications. The professional version that allows you to transfer available for a forty dollar, many programs.
Download EaseUS Todo PCTrans free version file size just 5 Mb. If you like this then Check EaseUS another Windows Backup Software .