Best Android Games For Kids Love To Play All Time

The Smartphones are targeted at teenagers and adults, but the introduction of fun and challenging games have turned these into a popular gaming platform for the kids. A number of free and paid kids games are available on android to provide your little ones with hours of unlimited entertainment. This blog post covers the some of the best android kids games available for play today.Android Games Kids Love to Play

1- Angry Birds:
Angry Birds is one of the most classy kid’s games available with easy controls and premises equipped with cartoony game graphics, sound effects and background music. A number of Angry bird games are available, with each game spreading over multiple levels. All the games are available for free to keep your children hooked to the game for countless hours of entertainment. The developers of Angry Birds, Rovio has an RPG, a racing game, puzzle game and a side scrolling shooter all available for free to make for a large and varied game portfolio. The game is free but also uses in-app purchases.

2- Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games these days, developed by Niantic for Android devices. It is played by everyone, be it kid’s or adults. In this game, the app uses GPS service as well as augmented reality to locate, capture, battle, and train Pokemon. Using Augmented Reality (AR) the games shows the Pokemon in the real world at different locations. Originally, for playing Pokemon Go, you need to move from one place to another to capture the Pokemon. But, you can also play this game sitting at one place with some hacks given on and play this game at your own convenience.

3Save the Birds – Bounce Balls:
Save the Birds-Bounce Balls is one the most hooking android kid’s games developed by the 99 studios. The game is available for free and features exciting new environment and themes to keep the players interested. The game is about saving the birds by placing the tray in the right direction from the bouncing balls. Different themes with interesting environments and moods make this game one of the most interesting games available on the playstore.
The game also features beautiful animations and bird’s graphics to not only attract kids, but also makes the adults fall in love with it! You can also increase the number of bouncing balls to make it further challenging while saving the little birds from them![adsense]

4- Candy Crush series:
Candy Crush Saga, Soda etc is another very popular kid’s games series available on android. The game is played by both adults and kids but is enjoyed mostly by the kids. Similar to Angry Birds, the Candy Crush game is also equipped with cartoony graphics, gameplay and other stuff for keeping kids entertained for countless hours. King, developers of Candy Crush have got ten games available in the series, which means you can switch to the other when bored with playing just one.

5Cut the Rope series:
Cut the Rope is a great kid’s game but is enjoyed equally by the adults. With a simple gameplay, the story of the game is all about feeding a candy to the game’s character known as ‘OmNom.’ The levels are small but require some planning to get around the obstacles and that is what makes it so interesting. Like other kids games, the levels also get difficult as you make progress. The series so far has 12 games available with exciting new levels!

The games featured in this blog post are just some of the kid’s games available for play on android. There are plenty of other free and paid arcade games available on the android market, but if you are looking for arcade kids games that will consume your children for a while you manage your chores uninterruptedly, you can start with the ones listed above!