Free Download the Most Demanded and Latest Media Player 2018

It is absolutely free and easy to use, of course, is one of the best media players in the world. You are absolutely right, we are talking about VLC, an Open Source Media Player that has been introduced around the world since 2001. This update named Vetinari was being worked since June 2016 and consumers waited intensely, and now VLC lovers enjoy with this famous media play all around the world. Latest version available free from its official website.VLC Media Player 2018

There are many improvements in this new version that has become a VLC and a better player. The first and significant improvements is that now the VLC also supports Google Chrome cast – if you are viewing a saved clip or movie on your laptop, PC, even mobile, You can run through a big television on your site. If the Chrome cast does not support your content, then the VLC will run it again by encoding. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to see subtitles running with the chrome cast, but it is being said that it is being worked on and this feature will be available very soon.VLC Media Player 2018 (2)

[adsense]In addition, the new VLC also has a high dynamic range of HDR10 and if you want to see the ultra-high definition contention, the VLC may also have hardware acceleration for 4K and 8K video content. This means that if your lightweight phone or smartphone keeps this high-definition nationwide video, the new VLC will run them without any problem. Not only that, 360 degree videos now can be played on the VLC.VLC Media Player 2018 (3)

The new 3.0 version of the VLC can be download from here >>>>