Long Lasting Wedding Hair Secrets for Bridals

Right after your engagement, you took months to plan the dream wedding dress. Post that, you finalized the makeup and you picked the photographer(s). After that, you got done with all the smallest details, and then the time finally came to walk down the aisle. Now, from your makeup to your Jimmy Choo’s heels, everything is on point, and you’re giggling with joy and sharing fits of laughter with your friend. Just when you thought everything was perfect, a stray strand of your hair comes out of nowhere, and that too, on your face. Following that, as you look down, you see that your curls are no longer straight. Such a mood killer! Fortunately, we have you covered. There is a lot of support out there, not to mention the fact you can take hair vitamins and supplements to help you prepare, and make your hair healthier and fuller. Have a look at this Kintsugi Keranew review to see one such product available that can help get your hair in tip-top condition for your big day!

The flaying wedding hairdo can become a real downer and can easily ruin your day. You can totally avoid this frustration by following below mentioned long-lasting wedding hair secrets.

Add hairspray in your bridal kit

To main a bridal hairstyle, it is somewhat necessary to keep a hairspray by your side. One of your bridesmaids can keep a travel size hairspray. Whenever you see a loose strand, she can spray a little on it in order to keep everything in place. With this, you will not have to worry about even a limp curl!

Volume is what you need!Hair Secrets for Bridals (2)

The idea of combing and untangling the ‘teased’ hair is just an excruciating task. However, all you need is a little tease that will definitely benefit you. The reason is that the added volume will keep your hairdo in place, and even from slumping down. The best part is that the hair will not come flying to your face. (You are welcome).

Do not come with freshly washed hair

The science behind this is plain simple. Dry hair is much easy to manage as compared to freshly washed hair. The added texture in the former tends to hold the hairdo, and thus quite perfect for long lasting wedding hair.

Pick your favorite accessories

We really do not need to school all the desis on this particular point. You can grab everything from jhoomar to matha patti, you can select your favorite ones. The fact is that the addition of these accessories will tighten up the loose strands, all while making you look like a queen.

Test your bridal hairstyle with dupatta

It is suggested to test your dupatta with the kind of hairstyle that you want. If it is a heavily embellished dupatta, then you will know beforehand how to handle it and make it comfortable. Another thing that you need to check is how well it is fixed or just wobbles out of the hair. After repeated attempts, you have to make sure that it is adjusted with the bridal hairstyle.Hair Secrets for Bridals (3)

Avoid touching your hair

Yes, we know that you cannot resist the temptation of touching your hair to check whether it is in place or not. Tell you what; the practice of touching will make the situation worse for you. You might even ‘disturb’ the hair alignment once and for all.
Now, that you know some of the best long lasting wedding hair secrets, why not try some?

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