Electro Homeopathy or Mattei Cancer Cure, Treatment of Fatty Liver

Electro Homeopathy

The human body is made up of many cells that make many important organisms. These organisms work like different parts of the machine. In order to operate a human machine, fuel is also required, which is called food. Human food consists of three main ingredients. There are very important fats. The work of breaking these fats and making use of them is also responsible for the liver. If these fats are not broken then weaken the body with a lot of damage.Electro Homeopathy

When the liver breaks the process of breaking fats disturbs. During this, too much fat is stored in the liver. Which leads to liver enzymes, while placing the general function of the liver. This condition is called fatty liver.


Here are the reasons for this.
1. obesity
2. Use of insulin
3. Diabetic
4. The amount of blood fats, especially the triglyceride, In some people, the same fats cause liver fibrosis.
5. Use of antibiotics


1. Increasing the size of the liver
2. Fatigue
3. Pain below the right ribs
4. Stomach inflammation
5. Increasing the size of blood drainage below the skin
6. Spleen size
7. Jaundice
8. Do not feel hungry[adsense]

Fatty Liver Risk Factors:

1. Abuse of cholesterol
2. Triglycerides abundance in the blood
3. Obesity
4. Cysts in the ovaries in women
5. Mimesis Type 2
6. Hypothyroidism
7. Disturbance of the hormonal system in the body


Fatty Liver Diagnosis have different ways.
1. From the blood
2. Ultrasound
3. CT scans
4. MRI

If fatty liver doesn’t take care of or taken properly, then the fatty liver causes cirrhosis. Cirrhosis are 3 stages and when this problem is more complicated then it is inserted into 4 stages called liver cancer.

Electrohomeopathy Treatment:

In the Electrohomeopathy method of treatment improve the liver fats breaking system, so that it can break more than fixed amount fats and use it in the body’s construction tasks, In this way, fats present in liver or blood end up on their normal level and eliminate the disease. That is why Electrohomeopathy is considered to be harmless while beneficial system.