How to Clean YouTube Watch and Search History

Clean YouTube Search History

Every search you do on YouTube, whether it is embarrassing, and people will like to keep them in secret, they also record Google. Just think, how much privacy can be affected by someone’s hand, if you watch your watch and search history? The easy way to avoid this is about YouTube privacy settings. Wherever the desktop, Android, iPhone or Tablet watch YouTube videos, there is a way to clear the search and watch history.Clean YouTube Search History

History Clearing on Desktop:

First of all, open YouTube’s website and sign in to your account, click on the option of the history on the left. On the right, you will see options for Watch History, Search History, Communities, Communities and Live Chat, which will include options for the Clearer All-Watch History, Pauses Watch History and Managing All Activity.

Whether you, one by one, can delete videos from the watch history or clear the entire history at one click. Similarly, on the option of clicking on the Search History option, the entire search history will appear before you, by clicking on the Clear All Search History you can clear it.[adsense]

Clear watch and search history on Android and iOS:

Open the YouTube app on Android Smartphone, Tablet or iPhone and click on the library option below to sort the history. There you will be able to watch all of your watch videos and by clicking on the dot icon on the right side removed the search history and clear it.

IOS users on video left swipe and then click Remove. Similarly, search history can be opened by opening the search bar, in which one, click on the option of the x on the right side of your search history.