Starting Salary Estimate Chart 2017-18 for POF Employees (BPS-1 to 22)

Chart for POF Employees

This chart will be helpful for all newly inducted POF Govt. Servants to estimate their approximate starting Salary. Just add Starting Initial Basic, PM Pay, 02x Advance increments, House Rent, Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance, and, then deduct G.P Fund and Benevolent Fund. This Chart has been prepared by Imtiaz Hussain, UDC, POF Institute of Technology Wah Cantt.Starting Salary Chart for POF Employees


* POF Employees Starting Initial Basic includes 03 x Advance increments.

** G.P Fund & Benevolent Fund deduction will only be made for permanent Govt. Employees, all Employees on contract will get their salaries without G.P Fund and Benevolent Fund Deduction.[adsense]

*** Benevolent Fund Deduction subject to change with your initial basic pay as its rate depends on the basic bay slabs given on Federal Employees Group Insurance Fund Website , in chart the rates are written according to Starting Basic.

Starting Salary Estimate Chart 2017-18 for POF EmployeesStarting Salary Estimate Chart for POF Employees