7 Best Free Wallpapers Apps For Android Smartphones 2016

Background Wallpapers are a great way to change the appearance of your smartphone. Add an interesting wallpaper Instead of installing themes or booting your android device for an exceptional outlook. Fortunately, there are a number of free app for background wallpapers available for Android. The Wallpapers featured in this blog post are just some of the free wallpapers apps available for play on android. Best Free WallPaper Apps for Android

1- The Terra Collection:
The Terra Collection is influenced from the Marshmallow aerial photography backgrounds. The app contains a collection of more than 100 high-resolution images of South England coast in addition to urban scenes. The collection of background wallpapers is available in three different resolutions including the HD wallpapers. It also includes the Android Marshmallow and Lollipop images as a trial, inspired by the Nexus 6p and 5X.

2- Walloid: For HD Wallpapers:
Walloid includes stock background wallpapers found on devices such as Samsung, Nexus, Xiaomi among others including ROMs such as CyanogenMod. The app contains an impressive list of more than 6000 HD wallpapers shared across 250 devices from 31 OEMs.

3- 500 Firepaper:
500 Firepaper is one the best Android background wallpapers app featuring pictures from 500px. Similar to other applications, it cycles through pictures at a specific interval. 500 firepaper is a professional image site used for sharing and selling images. The app not only provides you access to high background wallpapers, but also lets you select the appropriate category. You can also choose to update images based on timer or by turning off your screen.

4- Cool Wallpapers HD:
Cool Wallpapers HD stands out from the rest of apps for its extensive collection of background wallpapers. The app contains thousands of HD wallpapers for you to choose from. The library is updated everyday. The app is easy to use to make selection of HD wallpapers easy for your smartphone.[adsense]

5- Muzei Live Wallpaper:
The word ‘Muzei’ is derived from a Russian word that means museum. Muzei Live Wallpaper as the name suggests is a museum of HD wallpapers. This background wallpapers’ app will make you go through the famous artwork to offer one wallpaper as your smartphone’s background on a daily basis. You can also select images from personal gallery or some random images in place of art pieces.
The Muzei developers have created a blur feature to let you view all the artwork. It is used as default to not overpower the other phone elements. You can also unblur an image by double tapping the screen. This famous HD wallpapers app is compatible with different extensions and is likewise building a lot of buzz.

6- Backgrounds HD:
Backgrounds HD created by OGQ is a famous Android wallpaper application. Like other wallpaper apps, the app contains a large collection of high resolution images and is laid out in a very well organized way to make wallpaper searching simple for everyone. The app currently holds 5,000 images and is growing consistently. The images are hand picked by the OGQ staff. Unlike other apps, you can share images you like with your friends.

7- Wallpaper 360:
Wallpaper 360 is a popular and 100% free background wallpapers app developed by Brilliant Innovators. The app contains a wide variety of HD wallpapers grouped into different categories such as nature, landscapes, mountains, beautiful places, animals, automobiles and landmarks etc to make your Android smartphone look great. The app also comes equipped with an auto changing option which sets a different background on specific time interval set by the user.