Apple Has Introduced the New Operating System IOS 10 for Download

Apple has offered to update your new operating system IOS 10 on all iPhones and iPads etc. This operating system can be updated from iPhone five till now, but it is said that Apple will renew your old phone into new one. Now you do not even buy the new iPhone, Apple is giving you a new phone. You do not need to update it to use the iPhone, because Apple will also work to remind you. In this new operating system, method of unlock will be completely changed and there is no need to unlock by slide.Apple  IOS 10

Now the new notification screen for customers, and would sweep the left side to open the camera app as quickly, if you do not use touch ID fingerprint sensor, press the home button instead of a swapping. Through its operating system, the first time Apple’s built-in junk apps can remove, while iOS users 10 apps, such as Facebook or WhatsApp Messenger will be able to receive at the lock screen.[adsense] If the phone is reduced storage space, you can delete the songs through the settings music, and optimize storage, which do not listen. Apple has changed the music and iMessage, while in iMessage now doodle making and sending missing messages features are available, even you can also decide which individuals should receive read receipt. Your iPhone will be remembered that, it is where you park your car, while the sound board is also different.Sign up for Beta iOS 10 Program from Apple’s offical website.