A Best Skype Replacement And Complete Solution To Connect Worldwide

VoxOX is a powerful and free software that a lot of our internet facilities in one place. All chatting applications such as Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and Facebook social networks, phone calls, SMS, fax, file transfer, video conference, e-mail etc.


Important thing for the new members to get 120 minutes to 1200 minutes free calls world wide, you’re also aware of the use and results.. VOXOX main features are Phone Service, Video Conferencing, Reach-Me, File Transfers, Cool Features, Go Global, Contact Management, Voicemail and Fax, Instant Messaging, Texting, Email, Social Networking.[adsense]

Voxox available for IOS, Windows and Mac … Android application is coming soon

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More Information and download free from: www.voxox.com