PC-BSD Is a Next Generation New Operating System Based On Unix

Today i am brought news of the world of information technology for you, About a new operating system PC-BSD. It is a new operating system is Unix Based. It is easy to use, and or operating system specially designed keeping in mind the general user. This setting also is graphical manner and in a few minutes. In short, the benefits of using Unix Based technology operating system has been a while. Is that normal users can use it. PC-BSD 9Isotope Edition is the current stable version of the PC-BSD operating system. Only works in 64 Bit Operating Systems.

In addition, some of the special features are as follows:


1- When the computer’s operating system will boot the first time in many devices will automatically Detective fighting. To install the driver, which will not have much work.
2- Or Unix-based operating system being against the virus and Spy Rock Solid will be.
3- Administrator also provides easy graphical form wizard is in the Admins.
4- Supports many native languages and It is very easy to update system.
5- Recommended System Requirements are 64-bit processor, 1 GB of RAM, 50GB installation  hard drive, Network , Sound and NVIDIA 3D accelerated video card.[adsense]

PC-BSD (2)

More detail and free download from its official website. www.pcbsd.org