Top Android Stock Market Apps To Stay Connected With The Latest Trends

There are a number of android stock market apps available to manage finances and track stock market on the move. When trying to make a trade, check portfolio balance or read the latest financial news, you can do it all with the help of an app. A few stock market apps on android are shared below. The stock market apps listed bellow let you trade stocks, check portfolios and find the latest trends and happenings in the economy. Top Android Stock market Apps

Jstock is a free stock market app providing real-time stock quotes, news, charts and company data in an organized way. It is a great tool for the average investors to help users keep up with stock portfolio, watch list or set alerts. Jstock provides an access to the 26 world stock markets. The app can also be upgraded to the premium version to run without advertisements along with an access to additional charting tools.

Bloomberg as the name suggests provides a complete access to the Bloomberg’s ultimate multimedia news coverage and commentary but also offers information on different stock markets, commodities prices, bond markets etc. The app also provides analytical content and unique news in addition to the latest market information and tracking tools. Bloomberg for smartphone looks like the Bloomberg professional terminal familiar for stock investors on the Wall Street.

StockTwits is a social investing stock market app which allows users to stay informed with the latest market trends and the financial companies they are interested in. Being socially structured, the app allows users to publish Twitter-like updates to find out the trending stocks based on the user postings. The app also analyzes market sentiment on the user opinions against a stock.[adsense]

CNNMoney is a comprehensive stock market app for stock investors to analyze portfolios. The app lets users to import the portfolio data from the different online brokerages to combine accounts held at different companies. Users are provided with visual details such as charts and graphs for further insights. CNNMoney Portfolio also analyzes performance and risks by testing user trading behavior and holdings to provide the best personalized advice.

CWRU Observer:
CWRU Observer is another completely free financial news and stock market app offering a detailed analysis, stock reviews and estimates for the users to invest accordingly. The app gives an online access to the stock market news in addition to analysis and reviews by the financial experts. CWRU Observer is easy to use and makes for a great addition to the category of financial marketing and stock related apps.

E*Trade Mobile:
E*Trade Mobile is perfect for users looking to trade stocks from their smart gadgets. This stock market app lets account holders to place and execute orders. Users can also monitor portfolios and get all the information shared on E*Trade’s website.

Who could have thought that accessing financial market would become so easy one day?Download and install now to get connected with stock market on the move.