4 Tips To Boost Guest Experience In Hotels


Big hotels franchises such as Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, and other big names in the hospitality industry are a brand because of their exceptional guest experience, loyalty programs, and great room service. Your hotel can also become a household name if the services provided make guests have a memorable customer experience.

From the front desk to room services and responding to guest queries to reservation updates through SMS and live chat, guest experience in hotels can truly contribute to higher revenues and a good reputation. All these details, no matter how minor they may sound, can significantly boost your hotel business, maintain customer loyalty, and uplift customer service.

Check out these additional tips that you can apply to give your hotel guests an extraordinary stay:

1. Have a Robust Hotel Guest Profile

Every hotelier in the hospitality industry must be aware of preferences, or personal details of the guests within their hotel operations software or PMS system. Most hotel guests appreciate any small detail remembered about them. They also look forward to any signs of recognition, especially if they come back to your hotel several times. This is what is commonly referred to as customer satisfaction.

Therefore, a robust guest profile can allow your hotel employees to develop a lasting and cordial personal relationship with repeat guests. A strong profile will also help them build loyalty. In addition, encouraging positive reviews, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

On the other hand, you may use your guests’ profile to preemptively make reservations or prepare a hotel room based on their guest profile notes. In return, the target guest will be impressed by the little effort made by your hotel staff to meet their requirements and preferences.

2. Be Ready to Handle Complaints

Every bad experience or complaint from your hotel guests should be treated as a wake-up call to further improvement. This is because every criticism and critique you welcome with open-mindedness will help make positive changes in relation to your guests’ needs. After all, guests have no intention of confronting issues during their stay at a given hotel.

As a hotelier, take your visitors’ complaints seriously. Also, consider each concern raised as a good chance for mutual resolution. Always be ready to address all complaints individually regardless of where they are coming from. Bear in mind that every experience and concern deserves your full attention so that your hotel can enjoy a great reputation and positive reviews from repeat guests.

3. Provide Clear Directions Through Digital Signage

Apart from offering free wi-fi connection and room upgrades to your hotel guests, you can also help them get familiar with their immediate environment. The best way to achieve this feat is to use well-illustrated digital signage to enhance your hotel guest experience.

Most likely a digital signage at the hotel will provide much-needed assistance and guest satisfaction to all visitors, especially the new ones. The signage may indicate the name of a place, show directions, or provide clear instructions to guide everyone around the hotel.

To understand the need and importance of providing clear directions around your property, you must first assume that you are a new guest at the hotel. Thereafter, you should go ahead to evaluate the digital signage and other facilities around your hotel, especially in the lobby or lift. Ask yourself if each signage is strategically positioned to meet your guest expectations.

Alternatively, consider the language written on each digital signage. The language and easy-to-understand symbols can play an integral role when new guests at the hotel are moving around or attending special occasions such as an anniversary or a birthday party. Certainly, your hotel guests will appreciate every effort you put in having signage around to guide them.

4. Be Authentic and Emphatic to your Hotel Guests

Take a while from your busy schedule to encourage your hotel employees to adopt an emphatic approach. This kind of approach can easily create a significant shift and perception in your guest experience. This is due to the fact that most professional relationships between hotel guests and employees act as a core principle of sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Plus, relatability serves as a key factor in the making of strong bonds and maintaining loyal customers. For you to understand this concept better, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your hotel guests. Do so while confronting a conflict or handling a conflict brought forward by your guest.

While taking care of such a situation, try as much as you can to honestly understand individual hotel guests’ perspectives and feedback. Taking such drastic measures can provide you with an insight into what your visitors expect from you or your hotel business.

Likewise, you should allow your team members to go the extra mile in showcasing their personalities during their interaction with each other or visitors at the hotel. You may also let them foster organic friendships or relationships among different guests and leisure travelers.

These two incidents will most likely enable your staff members to welcome hotel guests as individuals when they check-in or show them around before they check-out.

Final Thought

There are many ways to boost the guest experience in hotels besides those discussed above. All these tips apply to both large and small-scale hotels, including resorts and high-end airbnb. Keep in mind that the guest experience you impart can potentially have a direct positive impact on your reputation and revenue.