IQIP Engineering Expertise That Will Make Your Offshore Projects Successful


IQIP Professionals can provide specialized engineering and construction services for onshore and offshore projects of any size, large or small. The expertise of IQIP engineers and experienced staff makes the team the ideal choice for your project, large or small, anywhere in the world. Here are some examples of the onshore and offshore expertise you can get from IQIP.

1.    IQIP Offers Offshore Structure Lifting and Handling

IQIP has a vast lifting capacity. Hence, they can handle your heavy lifting with ease and effortlessly and with the highest safety standards in place. The company can meet its clients’ needs by providing offshore structure lifting in shallow and deep waters. Its services include crane vessel handling, gravity-based installation of jackets, piles, tension legs, and other components that a crane cannot lift.

IQIP company also provides lifting operations for tension legs, requiring no additional installation method. IQIP provides engineering expertise for supervising cranes and barges that help characterize and design various offshore structures to make the offshore project more engaging and successful. Besides these services, the IQIP team also assists clients by delivering offshore marine inspection services, underwater inspections and audits, vessel compliance surveys, and custom-designed surveys depending on the needs of their clients. You can find more details on the website of IQIP for innovative and customized engineering and offshore construction solutions.

2.    Noise Mitigation Technology

Noise Mitigation Technology has been and will continue to be a severe issue. Noise, vibration, and social problems illustrate today’s offshore and onshore developments caused primarily by construction work. However, IQIP understands the challenges and risks of noise pollution in your projects and how the noise can affect your business. Hence they have taken into task addressing public noise pollution emanating from mechanical equipment. The technology consists of noise reduction, noise control, and enforcement.

Noise is one of the biggest problems offshore teams face. Whether it’s simple background noise like generators or traffic and the constant flow of people moving around or a more consistent disturbing noise like hammering or pile driving, offshore is not always a quiet place. IQIP noise reduction technology provides practical solutions to mitigate noise on-site and help you be more environmentally responsible. Besides intelligent and innovative methods, IQIP also applies engineering solutions in the equipment to help handle noise in two main ways: absorption and reflection.

3.    Pile Driving and Drilling

Piles are the foundations of practically any infrastructure. They are the pillars that form bridges and support embankments and hangars, power lines, and beacons. Pile driving and drilling are two sectors in which we at IQIP have vast experience, ranging from the supply of piling and drilling equipment to executing all construction work for Offshore projects.

IQIP could take the stress out of upcoming projects by taking over the Drilling and Pile Driving Services for your oil and gas, mining, or civil construction work. The professionals will help understand the performance limits of piles and identify piles that perform according to the design of your project. IQIP has a wide range of pile drivers capable of handling various materials to ensure your project stands out. The pile driving and drilling services help meet society’s needs with amenities and utilities like power, water, and transportation both onshore and offshore.

4.    Professional Decommissioning of Projects

Decommissioning is the final stage of a massive project. The decommissioning engineering expertise must comply with specific safety standards and other necessary conditions to make the project safe for those working on it. IQIP manufactures customized solutions that are cheap, effective, and sustainable.

The lifespans against oil, gas, or water projects can be around 10-25 years. The industry needs specialized services and applications. IQIP is a pioneer in defining, developing, and implementing successful and safe decommissioning of Oil and Gas Projects.

IQIP, through its team of geophysicists and engineers, can handle even the most complicated mud removal, small-scale oil production, plugging and abandonment (P&A), rock coring, riser and wellhead removal, pipe recovery, or subsea support removal projects. The level of decommissioned equipment can be anything from an abandoned oil rig in the North Sea to a small building on an abandoned mine site.

5.    Offshore Wind Turbines and Jacket Installation

After completing the foundation installation works, the next step involves installing offshore wind turbines and wind turbine jackets. The installation of offshore wind turbines involves several processes like drilling, blasting, piling, and various components, which need a precise and timely execution to meet all current standards.

IQIP’s experience installing underwater foundations for offshore power plants allows for installation designs that accommodate your unique specifications and requirements. Through innovative solutions throughout the design, implementation, and management of all project phases, you can be sure of the most cost-effective solution – meeting your budget requirements while providing you with high-quality wind turbine installations, services, and systems.

6.    Offers Geotechnical Advice

IQIP provides geotechnical advice to offer you professional insight on your projects. The IQIP experts will give geotechnical quality research reports and technical advice. The depth of know-how ensures that you will receive advice ideal for your project even at the early stages.


IQIP is a team of creative, intellectual, and practical engineers with proven experience in technical and management activities related to onshore and offshore projects, including oil and gas infrastructures. IQIP will offer extensive multidisciplinary expertise based on first-hand knowledge from years of working with well-known companies operating in machinery manufacturing projects. Contact IQIP to make your projects successful by helping you to stand out from the competition.