3 Best Programs to Save Your Passwords, Both Offline and Online

Every day we visit a lot of sites, registering with different username and password. But storing all these credentials can be very difficult, just as it is very unsafe to use a single password for many different sites. To avoid these scenarios we can entrust our passwords and login credentials for sites, PCs, devices and home banking using some programs to save passwords, both offline and online. we decided to focus the best services available. on the internet an online and offline programs to save passwords.Save Your Passwords

Online services to save passwords:

The two services mentioned below are without a doubt the best we can trust passwords, for a decidedly higher level of security. They are all quite safe and can also be used by smartphones or tablets, so as to access the saved passwords conveniently wherever we are.

1) Lastpass:

One of the best online services to keep all passwords is Lastpass. This service offers extensions for all the most popular Web browsers (including Edge), a mobile app and an application to be installed on Windows and is able to automatically capture the credentials inserted into a site to insert them into an online database, protected by a personal master password and other security systems such as two-factor authentication. With Lastpass the passwords will be really safe, you can automatically access all the saved sites thanks to the automatic compilation of the modules and create new secure passwords, to be used in new sites.LastPass The service is free for personal use without time limits, but Lastpass also allows you to access new features via a monthly pass (Lastpass Premium) but it is not mandatory. You can download Lastpass extensions from the links here ->Lastpass for (Chrome), Lastpass for (Firefox) and Lastpass for (Windows or Mac). If you want to download the mobile app, then use the links here -> Lastpass for (Android) and Lastpass for (iOS).

2) 1Password:

A good alternative to Lastpass is 1Password, a good service to solve every type of password used to access websites. The service also offers convenient extensions and apps, so you can open the password database saved online from any device in our possession. It offers some very interesting features such as Travel Mode, which protects personal data when we travel and we use external devices (public PCs, etc.) to access our sites, protecting privacy and credentials from any attack.1password The service is free for a limited period of time, but always makes available passwords already saved even after the trial period spent.
You can download extensions from here -> 1Password for (Chrome), 1Password for (Firefox) and 1Password for (Windows or Mac). While apps for mobile devices can be downloaded from here -> 1Password for (Android) and 1Password for (iOS).[adsense]

Offline program to save passwords:

If you do not trust 100% of online services, then use one of the best offline program below to save passwords directly on the PC. Keepass works purely offline without any synchronization with other devices.

1) Keepass

The best program to save passwords offline is without a doubt Keepass. This program creates a secure and encrypted database in which we can manually save all the credentials of the sites, but also the access data for PC, for home banking and for any other device, with the knowledge that they will never be visible online. The database is protected by a master password, the only one able to open it; it is also possible to use files as keys to open the database, but it is a fairly dangerous procedure (if only one bit of the file changes, it will no longer be used as an access key). In addition to saving passwords, it also allows you to generate new ones using the special entropy generator, which uses random mouse movements to generate new passwords to use.KeePass 2 You can download Keepass for free from here -> Keepass  version 2 for (Windows, GNU / Linux and Mac).