15 Errors Of Beauty-Always Avoid If You Want To Look Smart Forever

1. Use a hair conditioner, striking him on the entire surface:
Many make the mistake of putting the air conditioner on the hair from root to tip. Apply it is only from the middle of the hair and to endorse. This is due to the fact that this part of the hair loses its natural moisture from the roots.

2. Include a hair dryer on the maximum heating mode:
Often, in order to quickly dry our hair, we put the hair dryer in the position of maximum heating. Thus, we ruthlessly ruin our hair, is unacceptable peresushivaya them. Dry need at a medium temperature. And if possible, opt out of blow-drying and use it only in urgent situations.15 ERRORS OF BEAUTY

3. Do not moisturize oily skin:
Often, women with oily skin problem think that salvation will dry it thoroughly. This is actually a misconception. Any skin needs moisture and dry and oily. The essence of the humidification is to enrich the skin with water instead of oil. You do not save yourself, if you are depriving your skin of necessary moisture.

4. Use a hair iron on wet hair:
Straighten wet or damp hair is not recommended. This should be done on dry hair. Imagine that you simply fry them, clutching a hot appliance.

5. Do not cut the hair at all:
If you grow hair and do not want to do yourself a haircut, anyway, you have to update the ends every 6-8 weeks, shear only 2-3 cm. Your hair will thank you for it.

6. Often hair comb:
In fact, the more often you comb the hair, the dirtier they get, because you touch them not only a comb, but also hands that produce the natural sebum.[adsense]

7. Sponge, a friend of ours clean.
In fact, the sponge must be used as little as possible. When washing wool, you simply rub it all the dirt, and it becomes a trap for any bacteria. By following these simple rules, you will extend your youth and beauty.

8. Use dirty brushes:
Brushes, and other items for applying makeup, we should definitely be cleaned as often as possible. After you apply make-up every day. Imagine that you are doing this dirty object. It’s like, do not handle manicure equipment. I am sure that many of you have never thought about it. Remember the last time you purified her brush for blush or powder.

9. Sleeping with your hair:
It is not recommended that during sleep, your hair is in contact with your skin. Again, for reasons of hygiene. It is best to braid hair in a braid and fringe stab. Facial skin needs to breathe.

10. Rarely changed pillowcase:
Imagine that you clean your face before going to bed, and lay on the dirty pillowcase. This, of course, is not about the stains and dirt really noticeable. Do you think that your pillow clean and in fact, during sleep, your body is “imprinted” in the pillow all the waste products, such as saliva, nasal secretions, sebum. And now think that the night is invisible stick to your clean face. In general, the pillow should be changed more often than the basic set of clothes.

11. Sleeping on the stomach and on your side:
While sleeping on your stomach, you are not only flatten your face, and neck, and chest. This leads to rapid formation of wrinkles on the skin because there are strong pressures. Sleeping on the side leads to a rapid formation of wrinkles in the breast area. I understand that this is your favorite nocturnal posture, but rather train yourself to sleep on your back, at least try to do it.

12. Wash your hair every day:
Experts say that a daily shampoo undesirable. Striving for purity, we are slowly killing their hair, they become dull and thin. If possible, do it at least every other day. In many respects, the frequency of cleaning depends also on the shampoo. Do not be afraid to try different shampoos to choose really “own”.

13. Wash with hot water:
Even in winter, it is not recommended to take a hot shower. Hot water is harmful to your skin, greatly expands the pores and deprives it of necessary moisture. Take a warm shower.

14. In the morning wash with special tools:
You need to clean the skin before going to bed. In the morning, it is worth just wash with running water (the colder the better), without the use of lotions and tonics. This will invigorate the skin of your face and do not overload it before applying makeup.

15. Do not remove make-up before taking a shower or bath:
Many take a shower or a bath without removing make-up, in the mistaken belief that it will successfully during water treatment. It is possible that doing it with shampoo or shower gel. And some may even hope that the majority of makeup will wash off with water, and residues can be wiped over. This is very bad for the skin. Remove make-up and special means-tested before the main water treatments.