10 Most Popular AutoCAD Alternative Applications For Drafting And Designing

Autodesk AutoCAD is one of the best software application for 2D and 3D drafting and designing. AutoCAD is available since 1982 as a desktop application and since 2010 as a mobile web or cloud based application as AutoCAD 360. It is currently marketed in its eighteenth generation. AutoCAD is used across a range of industries, including architects, project managers and engineers, among other professions, with 750 training centers established worldwide as of 1994. Below is the list of other most popular CAD programs are used as AutoCAD alternative for drafting & designing worldwide.Best Cad Alternative Softwares

1- ArchiCAD:Archicad

ArichiCAD improves the productivity of the entire cycle, the organization of work to BIM . The enrichment of the details of the construction elements , better 3D visualization , 2D drafting a renewed , the easier handling of libraries and library parts , and interaction between users are some of the most rational development of productivity. ArichiCAD provide fourteen leading BIM solutions for architects worldwide. For more detail and download free trial from www.graphisoft.com

2- SketchUp:SketchUp

A lot of professionals in architecture, construction, engineering, commercial interiors, light construction, landscape architecture, kitchen & bath design, urban planning, game design, film & stage, woodworking, and plenty of other fields are using SketchUp. It is a best CAD software. Compatible for Windows XP sp3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. For more detail and download free trial from www.sketchup.com

3- CivilCAD:CivilCAD

[adsense]Civilcad provides the user with a powerful and easy to use tool to design in many surveying and civil areas. Civilcad has unlimited undo and can display unlimited views simultaneously. It also allows multiple jobs to be viewed. Civilcad can export and import various popular CAD file formats like DXF, DWG, DGN, Genoa, XML, Civil3D and more. For more detail and full package trial download from www.sivandesign.com

4- ProgeCAD:progeCAD

ProgeCAD is another powerful DWG/DXF-native CAD software, a cost-effective AutoCAD® replacement, built for professional drafting. The best solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usage. Optimize design costs without renouncing quality and compatibility of the industry standard. ProgeCAD guarantees maximum compatibility with AutoCAD® drawings. Reads, writes and saves directly in the native AutoCAD® format. For more detail and download 30 days full trial from www.progesoft.com

5- ProfiCAD:ProfiCAD

ProfiCAD is free for non-commercial use and best Electrical diagram software. You can rearrange the symbols library to suit your needs. Change the organization of the groups of symbols depending on what drawings you draw. Split, merge and delete groups of symbols in the library. For more detail and download free from www.proficad.com

6- Chief Architect:Chief Architect

Light commercial and Professional design Software. As you draw walls and place smart architectural objects like doors and windows, the program creates a 3D model, generates a Materials List, and with the use of powerful building tools, helps produce Construction Documents with Site Plans, Framing Plans, Section Details, and Elevations. Create site plans for single or multiple lots. Terrain Modeling tools can terrain data can then be used for a 2D site plan or viewed in 3D to show the specific topology. Road, Sidewalk, Hill and Valley tools provide added detail. For more detail visit www.chiefarchitect.com

7- DesignCAD:DesignCad

DesignCAD 3D MAX is an easy-to-use, versatile CAD tool that’s perfect for designers, but powerful enough to create high-quality 2D/3D designs, models and animations. Its have 2D Drafting, 3D Solid Modeling, Mechanical Design, Architectural Design Tools for designers. For more detail visit www.imsidesign.com

8- CorelCAD:CorelCAD

CorelCAD has industry-standard CAD features, precise 2D drafting and 3D design tools. CorelCAD can open, edit and share AutoCAD DWG file for easy collaboration with colleagues and suppliers. Communicate your ideas with precision using customizable 2D drafting and 3D design tools. Enjoy the benefits of CorelDRAW® graphics support and the customizable options that deliver impressive speed and performance on both PC and Mac platforms. For more detail www.corel.com

9- Architect 3D:Architect 3D

Architect 3D is good home and professional-level design Software can developed for anyone who needs fast, accurate home drawings and wants the flexibility to view and edit their plan in 3D. Architects use skill, inspiration, and input from their clients to design buildings. An architect uses knowledge of design, history, and structure to create buildings that function well for each client’s needs. For more detail visit www.architectstudio3d.org

10- TurboCAD:TurboCAD

TurboCAD Pro Platinum is a premium, professional CAD package. It includes all the speed and technology of TurboCAD Pro for 2D/3D drafting, detailing, modeling, rendering, and extensive file sharing. Plus get advanced tools for greater control and flexibility with architectural and mechanical design. For more detail visit www.turbocad.com