Important Set Of System Files Avoiding System Messages About The Absence Of Installed Components

A Big solution for your windows. When you have ever encountered the system cannot find the file and you do not know what application you need to install for this. Then this set of system files called “RuntimePack” avoiding system messages about the absence of installed components. It will not solve all of the problems when installing applications, but it will solve the most of them.RuntimePack 14.4.12 Full (32 and 64 bit)[adsense]

Files included in the RuntimePack 14.4.12 Full (32 and 64 bit)

Download RuntimePack 14.4.12 Full (32 and 64 ) zip file size 57 MB, Extract into a folder and install. Remember that Installation in Windows 7 or 8, must be performed with Administrator rights.Download_2