10 latest Mobile Trends that Will Change Your Life in 2018

The past 2017, we have seen that the trend of mobile technology. Developed as far as applications running on the cloud, bringing AI technology into the app. To help you work faster, paid services through mobile apps, etc. All of this. Our lifestyle is not more or less. Today we will talk about. Mobile Trends in 2018, an infographic from Appsynth, the leading mobile agency in Southwest Asia. Together with many of the leading brands in the country, such as LINE, 7-Eleven, The Pizza Company and the British Coucil, the data will be available in 12 mobile trends in 2018. Let’s take a look at what in 2018 we will meet.Mobile Trends 2018

10 Mobile Trends That Will Change Your Life In 2018

1- The Launch of 5GThe launch of 5G
2018 is the year of trial launching of high-speed or 5G wireless technology in Russia, Sweden and Estonia, expected to be launched globally by 2020. Also AT&T introduce mobile 5G service in a dozen markets by late 2018.

2- Android Instant AppAndroid Instant App
In the year 2018, Android Instant App, a new feature from Google that runs applications. Without installation It is very popular. Due to fast And do not waste time downloading to the machine to waste time.

3- Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)Accelerated Mobile Page AMP
AMP is Google’s latest technology, which improves the visibility of a mobile website, allowing you to quickly open web pages without having to wait. Get a faster mobile search experience.

4- WearablesWearables
Sales of Wareables or Technology Gadgets worn on our bodies such as Apple Watch or Samsung Gear will continue to grow. Global sales are forecast to rise to 141 million units by 2018.

5- Strong App SecurityStrong app security
In 2018, the data security system In the application is increasingly rounded with password lock technology that overlaps and covers more than ever.[adsense]

6- Digital AssistantsDigital Artificial Intelligence
Digital Assistans or Personal Assistants Digital Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will grow significantly in 2018 and is expected to reach 46 $ billion by 2020.

7- Rewarded Video AdvertisingRewarded Video Advertising
Or ads with prizes after the show. It will be very popular in 2018, and the survey found that 54% of users and 87% of media in Southeast Asia. Enjoy this ad. More than the forced.

8- VR, AR and MRVR AR and MR
Sales of virtual reality devices VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed reality or also known as Hybrid Reality) will increase to $ 24 million in 2018.

9- Cloud Driven ApplicationCloud driven application
Cloud-based applications will grow and reduce cloud system resource cost. Continuous In 2019, more than 90% of the information was sent via mobile. It is through the cloud application.

10- Mobile WalletsMobile wallets
Most consumers are turning to mobile wallets or mobile payments. Because of convenience. And no need to carry a card.