Windows 8 Supported VMware Workstation V9 Has Been Released

Most famous Virtual PC/ Machine VMware Workstation 9 has been released and available for developers, software tester, system administrators or any, IT professionals who need to work with multiple environments. New VMware Workstation 9 provides virtual hardware designed for technical professionals and programmers to run multiple operating systems on the desktop or laptop also supported in Windows 8. On the Linux side, latest version 9 will be the first to run Linux’s OpenGL 2.1 graphics library and new web interface that grants access to virtual machine on any device with a modern browser.


VMware Workstation 9 is pricing is US$249, and upgrades of version 7 and 8 cost $119. So if you purchased version 8 in this month you can upgrade your VMware Workstation Version 9 Final copy without any cost.

Main Features:

  • Advanced support for Windows 8.
  • Access anytime, anywhere and run a cloud on your PC.
  • Take your productivity to the next level.
  • Run your, most demanding applications.
  • Share the benefits by sharing Virtual Machines.
  • The best 3D Graphics and Various performances improvements.

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