Direct Download And Upload From Registered File-Sharing Resource

Skymonk Client is a new program for easy and fast downloading of files from registered file-sharing resources such as,, and direct and without waiting. Also you can download multiple files from completely different resources. With this client, you cannot only download files from websites, but also upload files to file sharing. Skymonk client – a client with which users can quickly download any necessary files from the usual torrent sites and systems.Skymonk-2012

Key Features Skymonk 2:

Download without waiting
Simultaneous jump multiple files as a regular Web sites, and with the exchanger.
At the same time downloading of multiple files on the exchanger.
Faster upload files to the exchanger.
At the same time work with several heat exchangers.
Supports resuming file, if of disconnection.

Skymonk Client give you resume file capability when connection fails. This function when using file-sharing systems will work as a paid download, and in the free mode. Skymonk Client is available in Russian, English Languages. All Microsoft windows supported Windows 2000/XP/Vista and win 7.[adsense]

I personally used and found good result ……


How to activate Skymonk

Download Skymonk’s latest version from its official site :