Why is DIY Website Development a Bad Idea?


Your website is an essential window to your business. If it is effective, the chances of your brand visibility will be higher. It can help others to get familiar with and understand your range of products and services.

There are ways to build an effective website. You can choose from several affordable website design services. However, you may also be tempted to fall for DIY website development. While this may seem easier and cost-effective, it isn’t an excellent idea.

Read on to find out why you may be taking the wrong step with DIY website development.

Limited Brand Representation

With DIY platforms, you will end up with some generic templates for your website. The layout, design, and navigation structure will be the same. There will be no scope to stand out from the other websites that use the same platform.

Your brand would not be adequately represented on your website. Additionally, you will fail to give your website a unique touch that attracts your target audience. It is essential to build an image for your brand. Without flexible customization, this cannot be possible.

Lack of Mobile Optimization

The number of mobile users that generate web traffic is greater than 50%. It is vital to make your website user-friendly for mobile devices. Unfortunately, DIY website development does not offer such a responsive design.

Mobile users will not engage with your website if it fails to provide them with a smooth user experience. Moreover, Google penalizes such websites. This leads to a lower ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Bad for SEO

Your website can bring you tremendous online success. To achieve this, you need good Search Engine Optimization. With SEO, your website will rank higher on SERP and allows users to find you easily.  DIY website development cannot give you this crucial aspect.

Some of the essential SEO strategies include:

  • Web Page optimization
  • Keyword research
  • In-site and off-site links

You can get maximum optimization when you work with companies that offer SEO specialization.

Lack of Content Features

You cannot get all the content features with most DIY websites. Your options are limited to the ones that your package or template will offer.

For example, some platforms do not include the option for creating blogs. This feature helps several businesses to connect and engage with their target audience.

DIY websites do not allow you to share the content that you desire. You cannot weave a narrative that conveys your story and builds your image. This limitation can restrict you from connecting with your users. Eventually, they may not visit your website anymore if it fails to appeal to them.

Poor Functionality

Many DIY websites utilize outdated codes. While this may lower the prices, it brings along several problems. It leads to poor website performance. Your website speed can slow down and deter much of your traffic.

Another issue that may arise is a lack of adequate security. Your website is more vulnerable to attacks by hackers.  Users will avoid your website if it does not provide them with a good experience.[adsense]

It is best to avoid the many issues that come along with DIY website development. It may save you some bucks. However, in the long run, you will only end up losing web traffic and your revenue. To steer clear of this hassle, opt for reliable and efficient website development companies that offer affordable website design services.