Why Do MMA Fighters Look For Recovery With CBD?


Whatever happened to save Nate Diaz from being suspended, the prank put CBD use in professional sports on the map. CBD has subsequently been removed from WADA’s list of banned substances, sparking increasing interest in the chemical among professional athletes and MMA fans alike.

But what is it about CBD that has made it so popular among elite athletes? Why is CBD being used by well-known fighters like Nate Diaz, BAS Rutten, Yair Rodriguez, and Joe Schilling?

In MMA, CBD is gaining popularity.

Cannabis has been prohibited in professional sports for a long time. Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz’s older brother, was banned from the UFC for five years and fined $165,000 in 2015 for consuming marijuana despite having a California medical licence.

Marijuana use was treated with the same seriousness as steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs by sports regulators (PEDs). The penalty in the instance of Nick Diaz was arguably harsher than that for PEDs, as most cases of steroid use end in only a one-year suspension. However, the times are changing.

Bas Rutten, an MMA legend, and CBD

Bas Rutten of the Netherlands, one of MMA’s early pioneers, is one of the greatest illustrations of the harmful effects of opiate use. After an injury in 2006, he was prescribed painkillers to help him cope with the pain.

Rutten was using high doses in no time, which not only got him addicted but also damaged his liver. Rutten has subsequently recovered thanks to JustCBD and is now a strong proponent of its use by MMA fighters.

CBD & Restful Sleep

Every professional boxer knows how critical it is to obtain a good night’s sleep. In reality, whether you’re an MMA fighter or not, getting enough sleep is essential for recovery and overall performance.

For fighters, getting enough good sleep is a typical issue. They are kept awake not only by pain and soreness but also by the tension and strain that their sport, which includes things like weight cutting, places on them.

Muscle Recovery and CBD

To avoid injury, you must allow your muscles to recuperate between exercises, regardless of how frequently you exercise.

When it comes to professional MMA fighters, the more training time they have, the better prepared they will be for the approaching battle.

In reality, this is the primary reason why so many fighters turn to outlawed performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs): they allow them to train longer and recover faster.

What is the Endocannabinoid System, and how does it work?

The endocannabinoid system is found in all mammals. This system uses cannabinoids produced both inside and outside the human body to maintain homeostasis, a healthy state of equilibrium.

The endocannabinoid system aids the body’s recovery from a variety of injuries and damage as part of this equilibrium. When utilising CBD, it’s also important to evaluate the other chemicals in the solution.

CBD aids recovery after a difficult workout and fight, protects against brain trauma and damage, improves sleep quality, and aids pain relief.

We anticipate to see CBD become an even more commonplace part of the MMA scene as more athletes jump aboard the CBD train, using it in oil tinctures, vapes, capsules, topicals, and so many CBD firms stepping up to support fighters and MMA organisations like Bellator and the UFC.


CBD isn’t the only product that can help you heal faster, lower inflammation, sleep better, and recover from brain damage. In fact, it’s considered much more effective when combined with other vitamins that target a specific problem.

Including melatonin in a CBD pill designed to aid sleep, for example, will go far further than CBD alone. Similarly, a CBD mixture containing anti-inflammatory substances like curcumin or boswellia will relieve pain more effectively than solo CBD.