Top 3 Pros and Cons of Using Socio Demographics Surveys

If you are considering using socio demographics surveys for your business, then you need to know the pros and cons of using this type of outreach method. Not only do you want to gain more info about your target market, but you want to know about the entire population so you can see who you should tailor your marketing efforts towards, how your sample size differs from your population, and how you can identify the best people to use your marketing efforts towards. By directing your energy, resources, and time into conducting socio demographics surveys to learn more about your ideal clientele, you can avoid wasting precious resources on outreach methods to those who will not use your products or services.


But what are socio demographics surveys? How do you conduct socio demographics surveys? Find out more here!

The 3 pros and cons of using socio demographics surveys for your business – is it worth it?

Let’s see the basics of socio demographics surveys, market segmentation, and demographics segmentation – all parts of the survey that can help you determine who to target your marketing efforts for and how you can increase your response rates. First off, what is demographic segmentation? Demographics segmentation is a type of segmentation within your target market and population that helps you determine who is using your products and services using basic facts like age, education, income level, social status, and nationality. By using these statistics, you can then determine how to segment and divide your users into various groups to learn more about entire populations.


But how can you use demographic segmentation? You can use demographics segmentation by conducting socio demographics surveys to learn more about the target market of your business. Along with using a sample size calculator to determine the types of people who will use your services, you can use a socio demographics survey for the following reasons:

  • Easy access data – since the data is quick to access, easy to formulate, and easy to use repeatedly, you can ensure that the information you learn via socio demographics surveys is constantly accessible and usable. By utilizing various research and data methods, such as surveys and online questionnaires, you can reach a broader group of people.
  • Target and analyze your market – the next reason to use socio demographics surveys is so you can easily target and analyze your customers profile. By using analytical tools and sample size calculators, you can determine who is using your products, who is interested in your services, and how to analyze your important data!
  • Cost effective – the last reason that you should use socio demographics surveys is because it is a cost effective method to analyze and interpret data! By using the sample size calculator, margin of error, and the online surveys, you can easily figure how the data affects your business.


Despite there being many positives of using socio demographics surveys, there are a few drawbacks you should keep in mind before blindly implementing this process into your business:

  • Assumptions – one of the drawbacks of using socio demographics surveys is that it is mainly based on assuming information about your target market. Since you may only have the most basic information about your customers – like age and income level – you might assume other facts about your customers, grouping them all into one category. In reality, this could be far from the truth – you need to learn more details about customers to figure out the reasoning behind their decisions.
  • Vague – the next drawback of using socio demographics surveys in your business is that the information can sometimes be too vague to really get into the details of why your customers are, or are not, using your product and services. It provides analytical information that might not give any insight as to the reasoning behind decisions, personality traits, or their values.
  • Pushes away other people – the third drawback of using socio demographics surveys is that it can push away other people who might have been interested in using your business. Demographics data can sometimes have the unwanted effect of pushing people to use other businesses, since they will be “categorized” or put into a box if they use your business. 


Before you start conducting market reach, make sure you know the pros and cons of using socio demographics surveys. Although there are a few drawbacks, using a sample size calculator to conduct socio demographics surveys lets you analyze data, save money, and learn more about your target market.