5 Key Pieces Of Information You Can Learn About Your Clients From a Website Archive

First off, what is a website archive? A website archive is a type of digital record that can be used to learn more about your customer base, create a secure way of keeping data, and prevent any legal issue in the future – since you are keeping a legal record of the transaction between your business and the customer, you can safeguard yourself from any claims against you and your company. Not to mention, during these interactions, you can learn more about your ideal client! Learn about their demographics, what they like about your business when they visit your page, and much more. 


5 pieces of information to learn about your customer through a website archive

Using a website archive is an eyepiece of information and program you can use to help understand your target market and clientele base. If you do not use a website archive, you will be lost when it comes to who is visiting your website, who is opening your emails, when they are visiting your website, and how to connect with your ideal target market. Using analytics and doing research ahead of time can provide you with the right information that you need to work smarter, not harder. Let’s see more of the main pieces of information that you will learn about your customers through a website archive and why you should use a website archive for your business!



One of the main pieces of information you can learn about your customers through a website archive is the demographics. Figure out how old the costumes are, where they come from, and the basic information about the ideal clients – do you attract middle-aged women who live in the suburbs, or is your target market young professionals who live in the city center? By understanding your demographics, you can figure out where to market your business, who to market towards, and how you can best interact with your clients. Figure out who they are and where they are from – and then work with this information!


Times they visit your website

The next piece of information you can understand using a website archive is when your clients visit your website. Do they tend to visit your website in the late hours of the day or do they visit first thing in the morning? By finding the schedule for your clients and your customers, you can future out when to market your business, when to reach out to them via email, and when to use pop-ups and click buttons on your page to increase customer interaction. 


Products they are interested in

The next aspect you can use to understand your customer base is figuring out what products or services they are entering in purchasing or using. If you find that the products advertised on your web page that focus on fitness-related items are the quickest selling items, then you know more about your ideal clientele base! Start focusing on your marketing efforts on the fitness world, exercise and health, and nutrition to see an uptick in your clients and their purchases.


Aesthetics they are attracted to

If you find that your advertisements on your homepage are typically only working if you use bright colors and bold graphics, continue to sign this type of marketing strategy. Identifying what makes your customers tick and what makes them interested is key – figure out what types of imagery and marketing plays are most effective when it comes to your customer base.


What makes them when to use your business

Another way that using a website archive can teach you about your clientele is by understanding why they like your business over the competition. Do they frequently use your business because of your eco-friendly practices or because you use locally sourced ingredients? Do they like your business because your offer deals with your email suburbs? Find out why your customer base and loyal clients are using you vs. the competition to learn more about how to structure your products and services towards your target market. 



By using a website archive, you can learn about your customer base and your ideal clientele. Use a website archive to keep track of all information regarding past experiences with clients so you can figure out who they are, who they are, what product and services they enjoy, and why they are choosing YOU over other options!