Why Are Internal and External Links Important for SEO?


Search engines like Google and Bing maintain specific algorithms that decide the order, in which the websites would appear in the search results. The goal of an SEO-friendly website is to capitalize on the given algorithm to access a wider audience. SEO strategies are broadly categorized into two sectors; on page (on-site) SEO and off-page SEO. There are reputed firms that can boost your website and provide you with the best SEO services.

Factors such as keywords, content optimizations, images and others play a vital role for on-site SEO. This article will address the process of posting website links on a website and the benefits of the same.


Internal Links: The way you structure your website determines your framework of internal links. When one visits a webpage, he finds buttons to navigate from one page to another. The more links you add to your page, the easier it is for someone to navigate from one page to another. You might wonder, why is it relevant for the optimization of your website in general? Well, it is crucial to forming a link structure because Google pays attention to this specific detail. There are various types of links given on a webpage; such as a menu, contents and list of recent articles. These links play a vital role to drive organic traffic to your web page.

  • Having multiple links on a webpage will make it easier to navigate for an individual, thus providing a user-friendly experience. Therefore, it is necessary to consider SEO friendly design while formulating the website itself.
  • You may add contextual links to connect different articles and take the readers on a continuous ride, allowing them to access relevant information without interruption. Google encourages viewers to go to pages with proper links in place so that people are benefitted with the flow of information.

External Links: An external link, on the other hand, takes the reader to a different domain altogether. You might think, why would I want my visitors to go to another website for information? Well, there is always value added to posting weblink of a different website. When you think that your readers might benefit from having read a topic in-depth that you are not presenting on your page, you might add an anchor text and link that website.[adsense]

  • Be smart and use anchor text wisely. The anchor texts are clickable links that are part of a text that readers go through. If the anchor text is interesting enough, the readers might click the link and open another page to read more about the said content. If the anchor text does not interest the reader, he can skip clicking and still enjoy the reading of the main article without any interruption.
  • Using external links is a great way to build collaboration with other sites. Noticing your website linking their relevant content, they might also return the favor. This process will promote the websites to a different demographic of the audience.

It is never too late to reconstruct your whole website with the help of SEO friendly tools. You might be a master at creating great content for your website, but do not know ways to promote the same. You might consider the idea of hiring a firm with experience in handling SEO services to provide your site with the tools to beat the competition.