What you need to know about digital marketing for summer camps


No doubt, your summer camp requires the best marketing, especially if you want to increase and maintain attendance. Regardless of the programs you offer at your summer camp, it’s a good idea to find effective strategies that can grow the numbers.

Considering that many parents are now using the internet and digital devices, the summer camps should now seek practical strategies to get their attention. This post discusses what you need to know about digital marketing for summer camps.


Social media marketing

The truth is that many parents and even children are now hooked to social media. The revolution of social media has seen many physical businesses closing down because they failed to adopt these changes.

One of the best social media platforms that have gained popularity with both children and their parents is Facebook. Therefore, it’s crucial that you fully know how to get these opportunities offered by these platforms so that you can use summer camp social media strategies.

But it’s also good to understand that Facebook has been hard for businesses to reach their target audience organically. Because of this, you may have to boost your posts or even run a newsfeed ad.

When you do this, you will realize that Facebook can be a cost-effective social media platform. Your goal should be to invite people to take action. So you can include links to the other social media channels and sites to your posts.

Influencer marketing

The growth of social media platforms, as well as other online sites, has given the rise to what is called online celebrities. These can be brands, individuals, or organizations.  These are known as influencers that can drive the sales of your summer camp to your target audience via their engagements.[adsense]

The ideal strategy can be to find influencers associated with the summer camp industry. You can also choose to work with regular bloggers and popular online people who have a huge following on their social media platforms. By using them, perhaps your summer camp can benefit from their mentions and reviews.

Video marketing

Many people value static photos and written content, but videos are now slowly overtaking them. Video marketing is becoming a powerful marketing tool that usually gets viral in a couple of hours. If you do it right, there is a good chance that you can reach your target market, both locally and internationally.

The best way to do this is by creating a YouTube account for the summer camp. So you can begin by posting valuable videos that are of interest to the campers. You can also invite their subscriptions, comments, and viewer ratings, but make sure that you respond to their comments.

The good thing about digital marketing is that you can engage with your campers. Even better, there can be enough interaction to encourage the previous and potential campers to register for your summer camp. So make sure that you only post things that meet the needs of these campers.