What Type of Return on Investment Should A Law Firm Expect From SEO?


SEO Equals Ongoing Profits

Any company that wants to remain viable must market its product or service. A law firm is not exempt from selling its services. Marketing is the best way for any business to grow and prosper by gaining ongoing new clients and keeping the older clients coming back. Traditional marketing strategies included some following techniques, and some are still used by businesses. However, digital marketing is the number one-way companies use to bring in new clients and keep their old clients returning.

  • Television ads
  • Printed brochures
  • Flyers
  • Newspaper ads
  • Door to door canvasing
  • Electric signs

Digital marketing is a full-time job. A company must set up a company website. The law office must maintain its website weekly by changing, adding, and taking bits of information down. A smartly designed website catches the eye of potential clients looking for specific attorneys and their particular branch of law. You will not search for a criminal law attorney if you are searching for an estate lawyer. 

Reasons Why Law Offices Need to Hire an SEO or Marketing Services Agent

  • A smartly designed website must catch the eye of Google because you want Google to list your law firm on the first page only. Attorneys and their staff are extremely busy taking care of their clients and devoting full-time to the client. 
  • Attorneys and their staff cannot afford to devote full-time to designing and maintaining an intelligent website.
  • Attorneys and their staff are not experts at designing innovative websites or creating what Google expects to find in an excellent business website. 
  • Google can remove the website from the page and cause the business to sit on the second, third, or further back away from page one. Those searching for your particular business will not go beyond page one. The public sees these companies as inferior even though they may be the perfect law office they are looking for in an attorney. The public views them as less than ideal. 

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

  • Develop and create an intelligent website
  • Maintain and upgrade the website
  • Change the design, program, update content, add promotional content and SEO content several times a year.
  • Keeping up with Google’s algorithms
  • Actively work on placing the website on page one, spot one.
  • Monitors competitors
  • Reading through competitor blogs and newsletters
  • Monitors Google changes to algorithms.
  • Works with other law professionals
  • Customizes strategies to the needs of the law firm
  • Writes not website content or rewrites new content
  • Increases speed of the website
  • Adjusts meta descriptions
  • Reorganizes content at intervals

A Return on Your Investment for SEO Help

An SEO agent does cost some money. The cost of hiring an SEO professional does not compare with what the law office makes on an ongoing basis or going forward. A law firm can expect to see at least a five-time return. These figures mean that if you pay $2,000 to your SEO agent, your law firm can generate at least $10,000 in fees. 

This return can escalate to ten times the amount. An attorney can never put a dollar amount on their return from the services that an SEO agency brings in for them. If your SEO can bring in five times, return this is excellent returns for that business. The SEO agent must keep the interest of the law firm number one. 

Other SEO Professionals May Do the Following, Not Our Company

  • Some agencies do not keep the interest of the client at heart. We want to make your law firm know that we keep your interest high. We will not,
  • Retain ownership of the design, content, and work we perform for your website. Once you pay for our work, you retain ownership.
  • We only use WordPress, a well-organized and understandable site. Some other SEO agents use other systems that do not outweigh the costs of using WordPress. Should we leave you, WordPress gives you the most control over your website.
  • We do not work on your accounts like other agencies may do.
  • Pricing is hard to ascertain due to a month by monthly needs of your website. We itemize our proposals and allow you room to hold us accountable for doing this work. It is our policy to report to you whenever we complete work. We never charge you for our performance. We keep our prices transparent.
  • Like some agencies, we do not charge you a percentage per lead. 
  • SEO work is labor-intense and not automated intense. Automation will not result in successful SEO results. [adsense]

A Call to Action for the Leading SEO Help for Your Law Practice

Due to the above operational ethics we formed long ago, our clients are long-term because they enjoy working with us. They find that we are trustworthy, seasoned, professional, and transparent. Once you hire us, we will not work with any of your competitors. We realize the highest client retention rates in the SEO industry.

We produce outstanding results because the only SEO work we do is for law firms, and we keep you informed about performance and production. We allow you to maintain ownership of the work we do. We allow you to be as involved with this as you desire to be. We expect feedback from your firm. We expect scheduled reporting calls to you.

SEO Tools are valuable and becoming essential to companies everywhere. SEO is a new way of marketing that seems to be the future for gaining new clients and profitability to companies everywhere.