The Differences Between A19 & BR30 Light Bulbs


If you are considering modernizing your home with smart light bulbs or want to upgrade your home lighting, there are several different sizes and shapes to choose from. Deciding which one is right for your home based on what each bulb does, their best purpose, and the right one for your light fittings and fixtures is not always easy. BR30 and A19 are two of the most popular shapes of light bulb, so it’s likely going to be one of these if you want to switch your bulbs. So, what’s the difference between the two? you can view and download more than 79 Bulb manuals.

Lighting Purposes:

When it comes to the A19 vs BR 30, one of the main differences is the lighting purpose. If you want more directional lighting for a room, the BR30 tends to be the best choice, while the A19 is better for ambient lighting that is dispersed throughout the room rather than being focused on a particular area. BR30 light bulbs have a flat shape and a reflective coating that make them the ideal choice for spotlights and lights that are meant to be focused on a particular area like a desk or kitchen countertop.

Bulb Placement:

Where you want to place the bulb in your home will help you decide which type is going to be the best choice for you. A19 bulbs are designed to disperse light across a wider area such as the entire room, making them the ideal choice for general hanging ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, and table lamps. They are a very versatile choice of light bulb that can be used in almost any household lighting fixture. BR30 bulbs, however, are designed to provide directional lighting, making them the ideal choice for recessed lighting fixtures or tasked lighting. They are often used in bathrooms above mirrors, in offices for task lighting, or in the kitchen above countertops and in food preparation areas to provide the best type of light for getting stuff done.

Bulb Shape:

A19 and BR30 are two different popular options of shapes for light bulbs. A in A19 stands for Arbitrary, which refers to a series of light bulbs that are shaped like an upside-down pear. When looking for a light bulb, this is the classic shape that most people will look for. In the bulb name, 19 refers to the bulb’s diameter. On the other hand, the BR30 light bulb has a flat end, which is designed to provide targeted or directional lighting. BR stands for Bulge Reflector, which refers to the reflective coating inside the bulb that will direct the light in one direction rather than dispersing it around the room.[adsense]

Whether you’re looking for better lighting in your home or want to upgrade your bulbs to smart options that you can control with your phone or your voice when paired with a home assistant, deciding between the popular options of A19 or BR30 can be confusing. Consider the type of lighting that you need and where the light is going to be placed to help you choose the best option for you.