What is Web Accessibility And Online Marketing?


Web accessibility is a term used globally to bring the internet to all regions across the globe, ultimately connecting people to the World Wide Web. It is also used to describe bringing offline companies online. We will explore some of the most common ways the term ‘web connectivity’ operates and how important it is to those affected by it! Meanwhile, offering a business website on the World Wide Web usually means companies need to market their website via digital marketing techniques!

The Advantages For Businesses Online

There are still thousands of businesses that operate without a website, online directory listings or social media. The first step for these businesses to engage in web connectivity is to either start a social media business page or create a website so people can ‘connect’ with the company services via the web.

With so many people connected to the web, and apparently 92.6% of the 59.5% most frequently connect to the web via their mobile device, having a website for your business has never been more important. When people hear about your business, the first thing they will probably do is search for it online. It is at this point people connect with your business.

As a result, web connectivity is important for businesses because in today’s world where we demand information instantly, having a website that explains your business gives them the information they seek on demand. This is as opposed to losing business to a competitor because your business is not online, and the competition’s business is!

Digital Marketing On The Web

Having a website is a form of digital marketing however, just like having a shop on a high street that needs to advertise in local newspapers, websites also need to advertise themselves online in order to create product, service, and brand awareness. There are several techniques that internet marketers use in order to help websites bring in online traffic from users surfing the web for their services via their mobile or desktop devices.

Social Media: Using Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are all options for social media advertising. These platforms are easy to use and connect businesses to consumers on a personal level.

Paid Advertising: Paid ads are the best way to bring in traffic fast! However, that does not mean you will always bring in the right traffic. Most companies use a digital marketing agency such as stuartkerrs to help them set up their paid ads campaigns. There may be a set up fee for the research side of the project, but from here, the costs are usually quite low!

Using Website Builders

Some companies are still put off by the cost of web connectivity. For example, a builder may be excellent at what he or she does but does not want to invest in a website because the last time the company owner asked for a web design quote, the cost was too high. Yet today even a builder with no technical experience in website design can get connected and design his or her website using advanced drag-and-drop website builder features!

Website builders are easy. You literally sign up and buy a domain name, usually for as little as £5 per year. The next step is then choosing a website theme, or design website depending on which term you prefer to use and Cylogy explains what a sitecore consultant does to marketing. Once you see a theme you like, then you can sign up for a monthly subscription which includes website hosting. Usually, a subscription is about £15 per month for a simple website while you can pay more if you want added storage or features which not all websites need!