What Can You Use As a Block for Ads for/on Your Phone?

Users are increasingly complaining about endless ads that interfere with their favorite sites. The most common question is: how do you get rid of pop-up windows and banners while watching videos, playing games, and using other apps? Not only is viewing ads time-consuming, but it also slows down your device, wastes traffic, and damages the system.

In this article, we have selected for you the best ad blocks that will help you quickly and safely avoid the appearance of banners and spam.


A multifunctional app that removes all kinds of third-party newsletters, banners, and videos. The main task of the service is to ensure the privacy of data on the device and ban the tracking of actions.

AWAX helps speed up the process of downloading videos and sites, as well as reduce the use of traffic on your mobile device. The server soaks up all unnecessary information, allowing the user to stay focused on watching a video, playing games, or working.

The app is one of the best because it does not require root installation to block ads in the browser on Android. This will save you time, and your data will remain untouched by extraneous services.

2. AdGuard

The app prevents pop-ups and blocks ads and access to unsafe websites. AdGuard is a versatile tool that also removes ad blocks without disturbing the page as a whole. The platform does not collect personal information and saves traffic.

The platform protects children from unwanted information and hackers. Unlike other servers, it filters ads before they are downloaded to your phone. This speeds up browser loading.

AdGuard removes ad blocks not only from the Internet but also from other apps on your device and hides data from analytics systems and other websites.

3. Blokada

If you want to get rid of ads, trackers, spam ads, and banners qualitatively and efficiently – Blokada is perfect for you. A free ad blocker that is open source and safe to use.

The platform works with both apps and browsers. It also has strong security that keeps your personal information on your device and does not transfer to third parties. The service is available on Android and iOS operating systems.

For maximum protection against ads, the app offers to buy a premium package, which will serve you for a long time in your online activity. Blokada Plus works through VPN properties, completely encrypts your device data, and hides your IP address.

4. Adblock

Adblock blocks spam, banners, pop-ups, and ads. The app resembles the computer version of the Mozilla browser, as it is similar in appearance and has similar functions. It puts protection on your personal data and prohibits the possibility of transferring it to other services. The ad block does not adapt well on a mobile device, so it is better to use the browser through the official website.

To summarize

It’s up to you to decide which platform to use to block ads in your browser. Experts give preference to the AWAX app, with which you can watch videos without intrusive ads, banners, and spam.

The app has enough new and unique features, but it is still easy to use. Try it and see for yourself its advantage over other services.