Activate Microsoft Office And Windows


If you use Windows. Then after the expiration of your activation code, you will have a watermark asking you to activate your Windows.
Ignoring the activation of your operating system will limit the functionality and the ability to configure your operating system. The same thing will happen with Microsoft Office.
A number of restrictions prevent normal operation. In office, you won’t be able to copy, paste, or highlight text in bold. All areas will be gray, which can not please. To solve this problem, read this article carefully, it will be able to help you.

How to activate?

Step 1

We will activate it on Windows or Microsoft Office using KMSAuto, if you don’t have it, then you can download it here

Step 2

Disable all antivirus software on your computer. Many antivirus programs do not allow the installation of KMSAuto because they know the potential of this software.
In Windows Defender, go to the “Virus and Threat Protection” section and disable real-time protection. Also disable cloud protection.

Step 3

Extract the downloaded zip archive using the extraction tool available to you. I recommend using 7zip. This is the most popular tool for unpacking files from archives. You can also use WinRAR.

Run KMSAuto as an administrator and select the required activation function “Windows” or “Microsoft Office”

Now all your Microsoft products are activated!

Now you can use all the features of microsoft office or windows. The watermark will disappear, your operating system will get a license, as well as your office. Thank you for your attention, if this article helped you, please leave a comment, tell your friends and advise me on what topic I should still write an article.