Learn How to Hide Your IP Address and use the Right VPN

Hide Your IP Address

Do you need to hide your IP address? If so, why? These are questions most people battle with while working or doing something online. Mostly to avoid being trucked, or your information was stolen. Most ad networks know anything you search, no wonder the pop-ups relating to products you have been searching online. For this reason, websites have learned when to stop you from accessing them as a result of geographical limits. This is why the IP address comes in.Hide Your IP AddressThrough your IP address, you will be able to tell where the traffic is coming from to your website. For example, Google maintains your search history’s long records. It does so by linking any of your searches to your IP address. However, you can hide your IP address for online privacy. You only need to connect to a virtual private network (VPN). This will create a safe connection to the servers. This way, nobody will track your surfing or browsing information back to you.

Here’s why you may need to hide your IP address

1. Protect yourself against spies and hackers

The internet world offers numerous benefits as well as threats to the user. For instance, spies and hackers are digging dip to uncover your IP address. Your IP allows hackers and spies to unmask your location and identity. They track your actions and how they can benefit from it, then steal your identity to commit a crime, and leave the blame on you. You need to know how to hide IP online to prevent such. Hackers can’t track genuine IPs. They won’t know your location nor identity. They can only trace fake IPs back to you.

2. Use free Wi-Fi hotspots securely

Hackers usually target public Wi-Fi networks. This is because most of them aren’t secured. Public Wi-Fi networks make it susceptible to hackers to access numerous devices at a go. Did you know a hacker could be sitting next to you? You need to hide your identity and location when using public Wi-Fi hotspots through VPN software.[adsense]

3. Geographically access to websites and content

Lots of information are available on the web, but there are limits to what you may access. Some countries do not allow access to particular websites. This is to control the kind of website and the information it delivers to such countries. This is why people change their IP addresses in such countries, pretending to surf from different locations and countries. It also increases their internet freedom.

4. Evade online limitations set up by your school or workstation

Schools and workplaces need to be safe by restricting internet access to those who access their networks. Schools usually block social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to avoid distractions they come with. Changing IP addresses for restricted networks will enable you to get around the restrictions.

There are numerous reasons why you may want to hide your IP. This will prevent websites, government, and hackers from tracking your location and identity. Learning how to hide IP will increase your anonymity online as well as safe internet browsing. Above all, you will have your internet freedom.