Virtual SIMs: Where should you get one?


No matter if you’re an individual or the CEO of a huge corporation, there’ll always be a reason to go with your trusty virtual SIM.

It can be anywhere from improving your privacy to having the convenience of carrying to phones at once. You’ll always get one fitting your needs and expectations.

In line with this, Freeje has been successfully assisting people like you. And although this company is a highly-rated choice among consumers, there’s still a lot that goes into picking which is best for you.

We’ll introduce you to our choice of top providers that will ensure you get the optimal experience from your purchase.

Why should you choose your provider carefully?

We know what you’re thinking. They’re all the same, right? After all, it’s all created through the cloud so there shouldn’t be any different.

But that thinking got people who got a virtual SIM into a lot of headaches when the tech was supposed to make their lives a little bit easier. These are the reasons you shouldn’t just go with any provider:

  1. Some the exact thing for a lower price

Let’s say you’re choosing between two providers that you think are on equal footing. Check their pricing for the services that you will use.

Maybe on top of the number, you want to get something else too. So that will come into play, especially if you’re using it for business.

  1. Service quality is always important

That’s why you shouldn’t always just go for the cheapest option. Think about it. What would your website look like if you just hired the cheapest person to do it?

How about your office? Would it be located at a prime location if you didn’t pay a premium price? We’re not saying that expensive is always better. But sometimes, you get what you pay for.

If the provider you’re considering has been around for a while, check for user reviews. You can also ask colleagues for recommendations.

  1. You want to get other services

There’s always the convenience of having everything in one place. But that won’t be possible if you decide to get the call forwarding feature from another company.

The great thing about getting a virtual SIM is it’s very versatile. And you can’t really enjoy this versatility if you’re limited by the types of add-on services that your provider offers.

In short, you should choose carefully because you have to balance a lot of your interests. In the best-case scenario, you have an unlimited budget, a clear number 1 provider, and everything else you want.

But that rarely happens, if at all. The cost will always be a consideration and you’ll have to balance this with other factors in choosing your best option.

4 providers to look out for

Considering every important factor that goes into giving you an exemplary experience, here are providers you should check out:

  1. Freeje

What we love about Freeje is its versatility. This service is normally associated with business owners or anyone in the corporate world.

But this company ensures that no one is left behind. Through Freeje Optimum, Classic and Telegram Bot, you can just pay for services that you’d actually need, helping keep costs down and your satisfaction up.

Their simplified solutions are fitted to general consumer usage assumptions. So when you go with them there’s zero guesswork on your part.

  1. Grasshopper

Like Freeje, they offer prepackaged services to the market. But where Grasshopper is different is the segment of the clientele that they focus on. They market their services to small business owners.

Currently, their cheapest plan includes three number extensions and one number is at $29. And even this lowest plan comes with features like call routing, automated attendant, and call system management.

It’s a great option for starting entrepreneurs because it fits in a small budget. Unfortunately, you’ll have to forego other popular features like call recording. But if you’re just starting out, this will work great. It’s fairly inexpensive and delivers what it promises to do.

  1. Jive

Even providers catering to bigger enterprises can have simple pricing. And that’s what Jive Communication provides.

With over 80 features, you’re sure to get the full business-customized experience that you’re looking for. Their system would be as if it’s made for you. 

This solution is a little more expensive than Grasshopper, but it gives a lot more. Unfortunately, that becomes its fatal flaw. For those who are just starting out, it’s a bit much.[adsense]

  1. VirtualPhone

This one is very similar to Grasshopper, as far as features are concerned. However, unlike the first three options, they have two pricing options: you can pay for what you use or choose from their prepackaged services.

And because of this freedom, you can decide on what you think will work best for you. After all, custom solutions shouldn’t just be for the bigger enterprises, right?

Plus, they also have free services so you can try it out before buying.

The most important thing when evaluating your options is knowing what you need and what the providers offer. Reconciling those two would help you decide much easier.