Top 3 reasons why you should use a VPN


Have you ever connected to public Wi-Fi? Ever tried to open a webpage that is banned by the internet service provider or government? Or maybe tried to access movies and shows on platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, etc., which are not available in your region.

If yes, you definitely have wondered what if someone steals your private information or keeps track of your online activity? It’s absolutely a valid concern because none of us wants to get our private information shared publicly. With the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can protect your important data and information and ensure your privacy and security at the same time.

But what is a VPN, and what is the importance of VPN in the internet age? We look at some of the information provided by a top VPN supplier securicritic.

What is VPN?

VPN software is a secure path between your device and the website or destination you are trying to access on the internet. When you connect your device to a VPN server, it automatically hides your IP address so that your online actions aren’t traceable. VPN for Apple TV helps to create a secure and encrypted connection for greater privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot. The use of VPN has increased since the beginning of remote work.

Reasons why you should use a VPN

Below listed are few reasons why you need a VPN for a secure network:

1.Access your favorite video content

Are you traveling out of the nation or trying to access content that isn’t available in your country? Often people subscribe to major OTT platforms and are surprised to discover that some of the content isn’t available on these platforms in other countries. This is where VPN can help you connect to a local server while you are traveling abroad so that these services think that you are connected from the home server and let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

2.More Secured Internet Connection

Who doesn’t like working from a coffee shop? We all do, but there’s a different paranoia associated with accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots. You never know when hackers can steal your important information since you are connected with many people in the vicinity. VPN helps you provide a more secure and encrypted internet connection. All the information you send and receive is protected with the VPN — including passwords and other personal information. You can use a VPN on both your mobile device and smartphone.

3.Save Money on Shopping

There’s no better experience than shopping. How beautiful it may be, certain websites have different prices of the same product, based on the nation you are trying to access it. This can be for a series of shopping items like handbags, shoes, cars, etc. What if there’s a solution to this that can help you find the best price and save a few hundred thousand bucks. Using a VPN server can help you find the lowest price for the product. It might be a time-consuming process; however, it is worth it when it comes to saving money.[adsense]


If you are seriously concerned about privacy or getting tracked online, you should consider using a VPN. It is a more secure, safe, and convenient option to safeguard your data and other personal information. It’s recommended to use a VPN every time you visit a website that isn’t trusted or want to access content that isn’t available. Your data and privacy is of utmost importance; it can result in a huge financial loss. Hence, to mitigate the risk associated with privacy, it is advised to get a VPN in the internet age.