Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard Installer and Layout – Free Download

Download free and install an Urdu Aftab keyboard for typing Urdu. It is good for casual typing. Urdu Aftab Unicode keyboard layout is very helpful for new computer users, so it should be installed along with the default keyboard provided with Urdu language support. Open Microsoft Office Word document and verify that language on language bar is Urdu. Compatible with all Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and  Windows 10.Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard Installer and Layout

Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard Layout:Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard Layout

How to Install Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard:Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard Installer[adsense]Unzip the downloaded file and double click the setup.exe to install a keyboard layout.

How to Use Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard:Install Urdu Aftab Unicode KeyboardUse Alt+Shift key from keyboard to change Urdu” or “English” option or on the task bar, click on language bar and select “Urdu” language, as shown in the picture.
How to Remove Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard:Remove Urdu Aftab Unicode Keyboard (2)If for some reason you want to uninstall the Urdu phonetic keyboard or if you want to use some other keyboard then please proceed as above.