Updates Coming To Instagram In Fall 2020

Updates Coming To Instagram In Fall 2020

The Instagram social media platform is ever changing and evolving, with subtle and some not so subtle changes being made to how you use it on an almost weekly basis. These are all done with the sole aim of providing users with a better and more engaging experience. In order to be able to stay ahead of everyone else on there and really be able to build your following, it is important to stay abreast of the latest developments on there. There are, of course, other ways that you can organically increase your following – this is something that SocialMeep.com can help you with.Updates Coming To Instagram In Fall 2020

In App Shopping

During the start of fall, those users with business accounts gained access to an innovative new checkout system. The streamlined system uses the convenient and secure Facebook PAy feature. Thanks to the Commerce Manager that also became available at the same time, business accounts can now easily open up a shop on Instagram. Again, this really streamlines the entire selling process of the platform. With this, products can be tagged in posts, which further works to push sales within the platform. Until the end of the year, all of the fees associated with selling on Instagram are waived in order to help businesses in these uncertain times.

In the near future expect to see shopping features being made available when going live on Instagram. This lets users buy products that they are seeing right there live in front of them.[adsense]

Automatic Closed Captioning

Closed captions let you directly connect with your followers and any wider audience that much easier. They ensure that even if your content is being viewed without the sound on, the message that you are trying to put out is still digested. Not only that, but it also helps those users with hearing disabilities to fully get the most out of the platform. From now on, when a video is uploaded to Instagram via IGTV, there will be an option for you to select ‘Auto-Generated Captions’. Although the system is not entirely accurate all of the time, it is better than what the platform currently has – no automatic closed captions option.

Rights Manager

The introduction of the Rights Manager to Instagram, enables users to view their copyrighted images which have been uploaded for protection and to be able to manage them all accordingly. This is a feature that is already available on Facebook and has been for some time. Although it is available to all users on the platform, it will be particularly helpful to those on there who are food bloggers, photographers, designers, and other types of creative folk.

These represent just a small selection of some of the most recent changes to Instagram and there is no doubt that these features will change again over time as the platform evolves and develops and the wants of users change.