10 Signs That Your Spouse is Cheating


With growth of technology and easier ways to communicate with people, spousal infidelity is seeing an all time high! It has become particularly hard to be devoid of giving in to the temptations fancy apps and smartphone chats have to offer. Smartphones have taken over our lives and conversations. They make chatting, sharing media files and emoticons more interesting than conversations. Now, there are applications for every purpose. You want to connect with an old love? There is an app for that. You want to find a new love? There is an app for that. There are more apps that have the potential of luring spouses to cheating on each other as compared to apps that hold them together.minspy-

When you visit this site, you can see how a web based application can vouch for the fidelity of your spouse. It can unveil the truth and you can see whether your spouse is cheating on you. It could be one of the most hurtful truths, but nothing is more hurtful than living in ignorance.This is why Minspy is a very promising platform. There are many signs that indicate the possibility of your spouse cheating on you. Let us understand those signs and see how Minspy could help you in knowing the latent truth:

1. Possessive of the phone

If your spouse would never leave their phone alone, they are possibly hiding something. This unreasonable possessiveness of the phone could be a very valid reason for them always being around their phone.

While we all are addicted enough to never let go of our phones, taking the phone even when you can’t is a proof of possessiveness. So, if your spouse has hands full with things, but still would carry the phone regardless, they don’t want you to be alone with their phone.

2. Message at odd hours

We all like messaging more than calling, but if you see your spouse typing at even the odd hours of morning or night, there is a problem. Minspy allows you to see the text messages of your spouse real time. You can have a look at whom are they texting, why are they texting and when.

3. Sneaking and Speaking

If you often catch your spouse speaking in a very sneaky manner, there could be things you need to worry about. While you can’t raid their phone just like that, Minspy allows you to have a first hand view at their call records.

4. Applications

As mentioned earlier, there are dating apps, social media applications that have full potential of luring your spouse in a different direction. It is imperative to know about what applications your spouse has been using to cheat or seek relationships outside of the marriage.

Minspy allows you to the see the library of applications on your spouse’s phone. You can see if there are applications that have been installed to act as a catalyst for cheating.

5. Looks Guilty

If your spouse is always donning a guilty look and tries to be too nice for everything, maybe they are just coping up with the guilt. Having known each other for sometime and being aware of things that tick your spouse off, if they are suddenly too submissive, it just might be their guilt.[adsense]

6. Interested in knowing your schedule

If your spouse wants to know your very schedule till the very T, maybe they are planning their love trysts in accordance. If they ask you how long will that meeting last, how long will you be overtime, where your client meeting is, they are also probably planning their day.
With Minspy, you can also see your spouse’s GPS location at any given point in time. You can know where they are. You can compare this with what they tell you and if there is lying involved, there are indications of cheating.

7. Taking care of themselves

If there is a sudden change in the way your spouse dresses up for work or is too self-conscious now, there might be someone they are trying to impress. Spritzing more perfume than usual, dressing up more than usual and looking prim and proper every time indicates a possibility of someone else.

8. Change in routine

As compared to the general routine they followed, there is a sudden change. They might be working extra hours or indulging in things they didn’t do before. They seem too exhausted when home or even try to overcompensate office details.
With the help of Minspy, you can also view your spouse’s calendar on the smartphone. You can see what their actual engagements are, as opposed to what they tell you. So, this will help you in having a closer view on the engagements.

9. Overworking

If your spouse has sudden engagements that are non negotiable, they might be up to something. Sudden change in work patterns, over stress, over explanation of meetings or nitty gritties at home are some evident signs.

If they get too over possessive of their work and how it is imperative to give in extra hours, they again might be hiding something. Minspy can provide you access into their emails registered on their phones and you can also witness work related apps on their phone.

10. Too many details

Lying is intricately made believable when there are too many details. When you lie with conviction and details, it sounds like truth. So, if your spouse is giving unnecessary hilarious or mundane encounters of what happened during the day, he might be lying.

To know the real status of his whereabouts, you can track his phone with Minspy and know where they actually have been all this while.


You can visit this site to know how, in so many ways, you can attain the perfect picture of what really is going on. A cheating spouse hurts a lot, but what hurts even more is being ignorant about it.

Minspy could be your answer to apprehensions or things you have just been ignoring over a while. So, do not fall prey to being with someone who is not being honest and loyal to you and expects loyalty in return. Seek your own truth.