Upcoming Latest Apple’s iPhone 5 Made Of Liquid Metal And Ultra Thin

Apple iPhone 4S is still latest iphone in the mobile market but now soon they will be launched iPhone 5. Apple iPhone 5 will probably be something amazing and will be made of liquid metal (Mixing of several different metals). It will be allowing the phone to be more durable and ultra Thin. Light like plastic but durable like aluminum, it would also allow the phone to weigh less and have a thinner profile. Apple iphone 5 will have a 4-inch display with increased height and the same width. Below some important featured mentioned in new iphone5.


Main Features:

  • 3D Object Recognition give you face and object recognition technology.
  • 3D Photography methods to capture a 3D image by using multiple sensors and cameras.
  • Advance Haptics allows a user to interact with the content on the screen by touching it.
  • The iWallet giving users the ability to see their entire credit card profiles, view statements and messages from their banks.
  • OLED Display and quad-core graphics processor.