Ufone Monthly Internet Package


Ufone is offering a series of Internet Bundles to enjoy unlimited Internet with flashing speed. Ufone has brought the 4G LTE Spectrum to provide hassle-less Internet Services across the Country. The specialty of Ufone Network is that they offer Heavy Volume Data in Less Rates. Here, you will find all the details about Daily, Weekly, and Ufone Monthly Internet Packages with their Subscription codes, How to check the status of remaining MBs, and how to unsubscribe them.

Daily Ufone Internet Packages:

Subscribe to Daily Internet Bundles of Ufone and Enjoy Browsing and Streaming throughout the day. Daily Data Packages include Daily Heavy, Mega Internet, Daily Light, Streaming Offer, Special Daily, Social Daily, and Daily Chat.

Daily Heavy: 

Ufone Daily Heavy Offers 500 MB Data for Social Sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Line, and WhatsApp. Other than Social Data, you will get 75 MBs of Internet Data. To subscribe to Daily Heavy, Dial *2258# or Go to Ufone’s Internet Menu by dialing *3# and enjoy the offer at Rs. 18 for a day.

Mega Internet:

Are you looking out for heavy data volume at a low budget? Then Mega Internet Bundle offers you 2 GB of Internet Data from 1 AM to 8 AM in just Rs. 15. Get subscribed now by dialing *505#.

Daily Light:

At Rs. 12, Ufone brings up 500 MBs Social Data along with 40 MBs Internet, with the Validity of 1 day. To activate this Net Package, Dial *2256#

Streaming Offer:

Ufone’s one-hour Video Streaming offer gives you unlimited entertainment for Streaming YouTube and Daily Motion at Rs. 10. Subscribe Streaming offer from Internet Menu by dialing *3# or directly activate by *78#

Special Daily:

Get an Exciting Special Daily offer of Ufone in which you will get 500 Social MBs and 50 Internet MBs in just Rs. 6. This offer is only valid from 1 AM to 8 AM and can be subscribed by dialing *3461#.

Ufone Social Daily Package:

It gives 100 MBs Social Data for one day in Rs. 6. To Subscribe to the Daily Social offer, Dial *4422#.

Daily Chat:

Are you love chatting and conversing with friends and family, then Ufone brings up an Exciting Daily Chat offer to enjoy 500 MB for WhatsApp and 10,000 SMS for a day in Rs. 6.

Bundle DetailsValiditySubscription CodeRate
Daily Heavy500 MB (Social) + 75 MBs (Internet)1 day*2258#Rs. 18
Mega Internet2 GB (Internet)1 AM-8 AM*550#Rs. 15
Daily Light500 MBs (Social) + 40 MB (Internet)1 day*2256#Rs. 12
Streaming Offer500 MBs (YouTube & Daily Motion)1 Hour*78#Rs. 10
Special Daily500 MBs(Internet) + 50 MB Internet1 AM-9 AM*3461#Rs. 6
Social Daily100 Social MBs1 day*4422#Rs. 6
Daily Chat500 MB WhatsApp + 10,000 SMS1 day*3465#Rs. 6

Weekly Ufone Packages

Ufone brings up exciting 7-Day Data Plans for you at the lowest rates. Weekly Packages are made to give you freedom for seven days so you can experience the fastest Internet Speed. In the table given below, all the details are given for Weekly Ufone Internet Bundles.

Weekly BundleValidityParticularsPriceTo Subscribe, Dial
Weekly Internet Plus7 days6 GBs Internet (3 GBs can only be used from 1 AM to 8 AM)Rs. 180*260#
Super Internet7 days1.2 GB InternetRs. 135*220#
YouTube offer7 days5 GBs for YouTubeRs. 100*5883#
Internet Max offer7 days25 GB of Internet (1 AM till 9 AM )Rs. 70*2570#

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly Data Packages of Ufone are famous for their lower rates and high volume. Subscribing a Monthly Internet Package can make you tension-free for the whole month. You can choose any of the given Package according to your needs. Social Internet Plus gives 8 GB (Internet) + 5 GB (WhatsApp) at Rs. 299. Monthly Light brings 1 GB (Internet) & 2 GB (Social) in Rs. 390. Social Monthly offers 1 GB Social Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter in Rs. 60.

Weekly BundlePriceBundle DetailsValiditySubscription Code
Super Internet PlusRs. 4998 GB Internet and 5 GBs for WhatsApp30 days*290#
Monthly LightRs. 3901GB Internet & 2 GB Social Data30 days*7807#
Social MonthlyRs. 601 GB Social Data30 days*5858#