How To Use A DSLR As a Webcam?


Webcam help get the task done for video conferencing and live stream, but what if you get something better? What if you can use a DSLR as your webcam? Yes, you can transform your DSLR camera into a webcam with some cables and free software. If you attend a lot of video conferencing meetings or live streams regularly, you require a better camera. In this guide, we will explore some options for setting a DSLR camera as a webcam.

What You Need for Using a DSLR As a Webcam?

There are around three ways for setting up a DSLR like a webcam. One needs a capture card; the other includes software, and the last uses broadcast software.

USB Connection

Few camera manufacturers have software that enables you to utilize the DSLR for streaming and live video chatting on PC. You require a USB cable that comes with software and a camera. Download and install software and follow instructions for calibrating settings.

HDMI Connection

The second alternative is to connect your camera to the capture card. This method was an expert way for live streamers to turn DSLRs into webcams. Capture card takes video that your camera records and turns it into digital video streaming. Connect your camera to capture the card by using an HDMI cable. Next, connect the USB end to your capture card in your PC.

Broadcast Software

If you plan to live stream with a DSLR camera, you will require broadcast software like Restream or OBS. You will have to utilize the capture card and HDMI method above, download your broadcasting software and add DSLR as your source.

Steps To Setup DSLR Camera into Webcam

In this guide, you will learn how to use a DSLR as a webcam with the help of free SparkoCam software. It is the software that enables you to convert your Nikon/Canon/Sony DSLR into a standard webcam for conferencing, video chats, recordings, and so on. Below are steps to follow one by one –

Step 1: Download and Install Software

All you need to do is download and install the SparkoCam software. Run the SparkoCamInstaller.exe.

Step 2: Follow All Installation Steps

Follow all the installation steps carefully unless the entire setup is complete.

Step 3: Connect Camera to Computer By Using USB Cable Connector

The first and foremost thing you require to do is plug in the USB cable in a PC. Once your windows recognize the camera, you will see a notification about a new device available in the popup window or system tray.

Note: If you do not see such a popup window, there is no need to worry. Follow the following steps carefully. If you install software that comes on CD shipped with the camera, you may get EOS utility to start up. SparkoCam does not need EOS utility to work well, so close it and move to the next step.

Step 4: Launch SparkoCam

Choose your DSLR camera checkbox by moving to the device table for transforming your Canon/Sony/Nikon Camera. SparkoCam will pick it if you have only one camera connected to the Desktop.

Step 5: Select SparkoCam Webcam as A Source Web Camera

In this step, you will require configuring the target application to utilize SparkoCam as the video source. For instance, for configuring skype, you must open the options dialog box and choose SparkoCam virtual webcam in the list of select webcam.

Lastly, after following all steps, test your setup here easily and quickly.

Benefits Of Using DSLR Camera as A Webcam

There are many advantages you get when you use your DSLR Camera as your webcam –

Live Streaming

You can use a DSLR camera easily with your favorite software of live streaming as it enhances the quality of the video, grabbing more viewers to watch your streaming.

Quality Video Conferencing

If you have many meetings or go for presenting webinars, you can use a DSLR in place of a webcam. Thus, the quality of the video does not distract you from your presentation.

VOD Content Creation

A DSLR camera provides your videos a professional appearance and is easy to use for VOD and prerecorded videos and content.

Take Clear Photos

Swap your DSLR instead of a webcam if you utilize a webcam to take selfies or profile photos. Webcams are not for capturing pics, but DSLR cameras offer high-quality images. You will get professional and high-quality images that you can also use on your social media profiles such as Instagram, LinkedIn.

Final Words

Yes, you can easily use a DSLR Camera as a webcam by following some steps discussed briefly in this guide.