Two Trusted And Free Online Data Entry Jobs Websites

If you want to make $500 to $5000 per month easily via doing simple and free online jobs like copywriting, data entry, simple typing, online form filling and programming, then Elance and
oDesk is two trusted and free online Data entery websites. Every online user know the data entry is a good option to choice if you cannot do any other job because many oter online jobs require us to have different kinds of skill and needs to have skills of doing coding work in different kinds of languages like PHP, ASP, .NET etc.

Free Online Data Entry Jobs[adsense]If you have no skill in any other field, then you can do data entry jobs, as this work requires no Skill or Experience of any kind. If you can operate a PC then you can do data entry work. This work does pay less compared to copywriting and other jobs: but one can still earn some decent amount of cash doing data entry work.

I personally work only at two freelance sites which are mentioned in the below list.

1. Elance
2. oDesk