Twelve Early Main Symptoms of Diabetes Disease

Sugar or diabetes is a common disease of modern times, it is a rapid increase in the number of victims, particularly Sugar Type 2. Number of diabetic patients worldwide has reported more than forty million, ninety percent of the people are suffering from Sugar Type 2. It is a metabolic disease which shows an increase in the level of glucose or sugar in the blood, wherein the sugar level is unbalanced. Diabetes cannot be ignored because of its dangerous consequences, because it is destroyed as a result of heart disease and nervous system. Skin is a very important and useful for early diagnosis of the patient. Balanced and healthy diet, light exercise and medication if necessary to help sugar levels can be kept under control. And disease poses patient can live a happy and contented life.Symptoms of Diabetes

The main symptoms of diabetes:

1- Urine more to come:
If you feel that you have begun to feel the need of more urine than usual, and even if you have to get up to go the bathroom several times during sleep at night, it is a dangerous sign. This means that they are more work to get rid of excess glucose in the kidney and blood.

2- Feeling abnormal Thirst:
This is the sign from, as a result of your body’s desire to constantly water is less body water and salts through the urine. So you begin to drink more water, it is an indication of diabetes.

3-Feeling hungry:
The enormous increase or decrease in blood sugar levels feels the body needs energy, and is a significant increase in your diet to provide the Cells volume of the required glucose, which you frequent hunger is felt.

4- Dry mouth:
Loss of saliva and mucus in the mouth, trouble being comfortable with it is also dangerous, because the inside of the mouth is the best place to dry the bacteria growth. This in turn can lead to various diseases. Gum disease is common in people with diabetes.

5- Suddenly increase or decrease in weight:
If the cells do not get glucose by insulin causes the body to feel hungry and begin to eat or use the protein in muscle. Weight when a sudden, sharp decline (down by five to ten pounds in a few months) cannot be called healthy any health issue test urgency as well as the rapid increase in weight, grow sweet foods other it is also a sign of lack of weight or excess sugar.[adsense]

6- Sense of exhaustion:
The body is in a situation of equal amounts of glucose Cells all the time. Hence, the dominant feeling sick all the time exhaustion. However, the exhaustion of the patient cannot even sleep at night because of abuse in urine. One consequence of this is that the patient comes to Irritable.

7- Effects on vision:
The effects of increased blood sugar fall on your eyes. The first is the angle of the eye lens in case the disorder is treatable, but neglected over the increasing sugar level may either vision or complete vision loss.

8- Headache:
Imbalanced sugar levels lead to headaches and is considered an early sign of Hyper Glycemia.

9- Do not fill out the infection and injuries:
This is a common symptom which is considered an authentic and circulatory system Diabetes is serious. Additional amounts of sugar damages blood vessels, causing the arteries is not fully functional for transporting blood to the wound area so difficult to heal, it is not filled, gently spreads slowly when the wound, which sometimes affected part of the body Splitting run out. The diabetic should try as much as possible, to avoid things which are likely to wound them.

10- The food, especially yeast infections:
Sugar is used in an environment where there is the presence of bacteria and fungus is more common and can happen the balance of these bacteria in fermented sugar levels. Especially Candida infections have been found in women.

11- Feeling dead hands and feet:
The nerve to say is damaging the neuropathy that causes diabetes hands and feet now be facing the itching, pain and inflammation with the soul feel if sugar levels if not less nerve completed But things are destroyed and as the worst form of sugar.

12- Change skin:
Neck or any other part of the body, to emerge skin deep color is a symbol of diabetes. This disease is called as soon Achantosis-Nigricans. The constant complaint of change of skin and itching in various parts of the body should not be overlooked.